How to Stand Up For Yourself – 9 Steps That Really Help

by Andrea Blundell Is there a situation in your life you’ve let go on for far too long? And you know you need to stand up for yourself? Where to start? 9 Steps to standing up for yourself in life 1. Make sure you’ve read the situation right. Sometimes our thinking isn’t correct. We can … [Read Entire Story]

Always Complaining? – Moaning and Mental Health

by Andrea Blundell Complaining about something you’ve been holding onto for ages with a good friend leaves you feeling better. But when a colleague and you complain with each other about your boss yet again, you feel drained. What does it all mean? In the end, is moaning good or bad for you? It does … [Read Entire Story]

Giving Constructive Feedback -7 Ways You are Getting it Wrong

Do you fancy yourself a helpful sort who is always giving constructive feedback? Yet somehow, nobody else seems to appreciate it? Are you giving constructive feedback wrong? 7 Key mistakes  Giving feedback is actually an art. Done wrong, it dwindles into not much more than criticism, judgement, blame, and ‘advice‘.  Why does [Read Entire Story]

Impostor Syndrome – Is it Sabotaging Your Career?

Do you tend to dismiss your career success as “just good luck”? Doubt your ability to do things, even when a lot of the time you end up perfectly capable? It could be you are afflicted by “impostor syndrome”, a term some psychologists use to describe an inability to recognise your own success, competence and … [Read Entire Story]

Staying Sane in Today’s Changing Workplace

Whereas once a career meant working for a national or multinational company and having a job title with clear responsibilities, it’s far from the norm nowadays. In what has now been termed “the Freelance Economy”, there has been a huge rise in a new sort of worker. Some choose contracts over being on the payroll, others are … [Read Entire Story]