Mental Health Wellness Tips

How You See Yourself Reflects Onto Others.

Look in your mirror. Go on.. have a look. What do you see? Who is starring back at you? When you look at yourself are you looking at only your reflection? Only how nice you look? Do you take a moment to look deeper then only what you see on the surface? We want to see how we appear on the outside to other people. People for the most part use the mirror only to checkout their look. Is the hair just right? Do the clothes look… [Read Entire Story]

Thoughts For Living

Staying in an angry state of mind serves us no purpose and clouds our potential. However anger can help us to become motivated. It can help… us make a move to resolve something that needs to be fixed now. Its more beneficial for our mind, body and spirit to rid ourselves of anger and not dwell in that emotion. Because… [Read Entire Story]