What is Neuroticism? And is this Your Personality?

Have you been called neurotic? And are left wondering, “what is neuroticism, really?” What is neuroticism? Imagine a line. On one end of the line is a perfectly balanced person. Always emotionally calm and centred, they feel safe and confident in the world. On the other end is someone who is so overwhelmed by their emotions [&# [Read Entire Story]

Hello world!

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Let Nature Unwind Your Stress

Nature has the amazing ability to restore our sense of inner peace. When was the last time you immersed yourself in the natural world away from the stress and pressure of your everyday life? I think “unwind” is an accurate description of the effect that nature has on us when we give it a chance. The pace of modern life can easily get … [Read Entire Story]

How to Turn Stress Into Success

What if you could take stress and turn it into success. Wouldn’t that be a better way to use your energy? Sometimes a simple shift in the way we direct our energy and focus can radically alter the way we experience life. Often times, we don’t really need more time and energy. We just need to shift the way we are using what we already have. Let’s look at three specific ways that we can create a shift away from stress and toward success. Accept the fact that some things can’t be changed We can’t change the past, period. Worrying about it will only create unnecessary stress. One of the best things you … [Read Entire Story]

Always Need More Time? You Might Have a Mental Health Issue

Most of us suffer anxiety now and then when we feel we have more things to do than time to do it in. But some of us are more obsessed with thoughts of time than others – and it can actually be a sign of a psychological issue that needs dealing with. Here are [Read Entire Story]

Chronic Stress Found to Trigger Mental Disorders Like Schizophrenia

Stress has been quite a headline stealer in the last decade, and it hasn’t all been negative press. Recent psychological studies have, for example, questioned the detrimental effects of workplace stress, and others point to the possible positives certain types of stress can offer if managed correctly. But the latest research on chronic stress, coming … [Read Entire Story]

“I Hate Change!” 10 Ways to Cope When it All Hits the Fan

Do you often find yourself moaning “I hate change?” And then doing what you can to avoid rocking the boat? All the while believing that one day in the future you’ll suddenly  get over it, learn to be brave, and that’s when you’ll finally make that move to the country,  or apply for that better job, … [Read Entire Story]