No One Owns the Truth

Many spiritual paths go to great lengths to lay claim to "the Truth." But the reality is no one owns the truth. If anything, we are owned by it. Yet somehow, people (individually or in specific spiritual traditions) claim to have it. They know it, and they can give it to … [Read Entire Story]

A Spiritual Appetizer: The Trap of Spiritual Ideas

Words and ideas are tools tell help us express ourselves on the spiritual path. They should not be our masters and constrict our ability to understand life or ourselves. The spiritual path shows us that words and ideas simply point to things. They are not the things that they point to. I can write about “oneness,” but that word is not the totality of oneness. It is an idea.Too often people get stuck hanging onto ideas or searching for the best ones. This is particularly problematic on the spiritual path. Many religions and spiritual traditions tell people what to believe and what to do. In… [Read Entire Story]

Confused Perceptions and Wrong Intuitions

I talk about intuition or your inner knowing a lot on this blog, and it's because it's the clearest and truest direction you have from your divine connection. Even when something I or another spiritual teacher says rings truth, what is it that is doing the ringing? That ringing is within you. The resonance is within you.So much of what gets said by people has no resonance for us. It just passes by like the wind. A much smaller portion of the stuff people say can trigger and upset us, but this is because we've staked out a claim to something that isn't real. When we build… [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Poem: Love’s Wings

I love the part of how we must choose the "Romance" again and again in this poem. I hope that this spiritual poem by my student, Jackie, offers you yet more courage and inspiration to choose the depths and profundity of the spiritual path.For more of her poems and other poetry, you can click this link:Spiritual PoetryEnjoy!Love's WingsRead more » [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Poem: The Happiness Which Does Not Cease

I have the wonderful fortune to attract wonderful spirituality poets. This latest poem comes from my student, Jackie. I hope you all enjoy her way of sharing spiritual truth.In general, you can always check out the varied voices of spiritual experience from my students under the "Thoughts from a Student" link on the right-hand side of the blog.Enjoy!The Happiness Which Does Not CeaseRead more » [Read Entire Story]