It’s a Major Nothing Event!

Too many spiritual people are busy trying to create massive, orgasmic spiritual experiences out of lingerie and bad ideas. And even if something momentarily happens, the person is inevitably confused by the temporariness of the experience. It comes. Then it goes, and they’re forever trying to get it back.But the spiritual people who have been quietly letting go of attachments often go further on this path. It’s an ironic, but… [Read Entire Story]

When the Spiritual Path REALLY Hits You

There are moments when what the spiritual path really Is hits you. I'm not talking about any initial spiritual shift. The initial shifts typically show us rather obvious personal issues that we've been ignoring. In the more enjoyable initial spiritual experiences, we often glimpse a piece of reality, but we have no idea what it means to surrender to reality yet. Actually, most of … [Read Entire Story]

The Power of Realizing Awareness

There are moments when people realize that they are awareness.These moments are powerful.When it happens for the very first time, it can be shocking. It can be beautiful. It can be scary, but the fear usually comes after the experience when the person re-identifies with the ego. At that point, the ego is saying, "What was that? Am I not who I thought I was?"No. You aren't. You are so much more.Other moments come as well as a person dissolves the ego, and I felt like spending a little time … [Read Entire Story]

Getting Out of the Rat Race and the End of Competition

One of the hallmarks of Western Society has been an emphasis on competition. The idea is that competition brings out the best in us. That has hardly been the case. The reality is that competition is immensely wasteful. It triggers people's survival fears to keep them agitated enough to work long hours and attempt to "get ahead" because people don't want to fail, which is associated with being poor, not having enough, and so forth. Ultimately at the root of this is the fear of death.The enormity of energy that people exert from this fear-based thinking exhausts people and leads… [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Poem: Meeting Sun

Here's the latest poem from my student, Jackie. If you'd like to check out more of her poems as well as all the spiritual poetry on this blog, you can click on this link:Spiritual PoetryEnjoy Jackie's latest creation. I know I did.Meeting SunRead more » [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Poem: Unending

I've read this poem by my student, Jackie, a couple of times, and I encourage you to do so as well, preferably out loud. There's something about certain poems that begs to be spoken and not quietly read, but you are welcome to do that all the same. But if you do read this out loud, I encourage you to listen closely to the cadence of the words. See if you hear the tremors of Truth and feel the rumblings of Love inside you that may get stirred up from that place of "unending" within you.Enjoy! UnendingRead more » [Read Entire Story]