Intro to Spiritual Freedom Class

Almost no one is ready to properly understand spiritual freedom. Again and again, I've had people come to me unprepared, and this class (subsequent classes) is meant to help prepare you for something that makes no sense to the dominant Western belief system.In short, we live in a time where the dominant Western Society message is that everyone can have everything all the time. It is obviously a lie, but it is so pervasive that most people subconsciously believe it. … [Read Entire Story]

3 Types of Conscious Suffering

Nothing I'm about to say is new. It's just another way to say the same thing.Conscious suffering is the ego grind I've mentioned before. It's where we now understand that we are the witness, and we are watching our mind, heart, and body do what they've been… [Read Entire Story]

I Don’t Care About Your Bliss

I don't care about your bliss.And neither should you.In the last couple of months, it seems that my inbox has gotten more questions regarding blissful experiences than usual, so I guess it's time to discuss spiritual bliss again.The term bliss is immediately a problem because of its positive connotations and associations with joy, love, happiness, and so forth. This is on top of the fact that everyone experiences things differently anyone. One person's bliss is different from another's.Regardless, I don't care about happy, pleasurable experiences, … [Read Entire Story]

5 Misunderstandings About Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual freedom is often badly misunderstood, so I wanted to talk about some common misconceptions about it in today's blog post.A bonus misconception that I'll add is that many people think that one singular spiritual moment will immediately dissolve all their ego forever, but that's not typically how it is. Thus, spiritual awakening has been misunderstood as one of those singular moments, but it is only a starting point on the path to spiritual freedom.  It's best to look go of the search for that ONE moment to fix/change everything.Please share this link if the post is helpful. Enjoy!1 You Can Do Whatever You Want [Read Entire Story]

Nothing to Show for Your Spiritual Work

There's a big old stump in the middle of your yard. You've been tripping over it for years, despite knowing that it is there. Then one day, you've finally had enough of it. You get the shovel. You get the pick axe. You get the chainsaw and every other tool you can think of.You get to work.Finally, you uproot the stump. You fill in the hole, and you put the tools away…. [Read Entire Story]

Enduring the Ego Grind

When we really start to let go of the ego, old thought and emotional patterns may start to scream and feel rather painful. This makes the experience of surrender a grind–at least initially.If we move through these moments when the ego wants to go back to a familiar pattern, then we find the peace that is often talked about by spiritual teachers like myself. If not or if we only go part way, we can get stuck in unnecessary discomfort.Hopefully, this video can inspire you [Read Entire Story]

New Spiritual Freedom Video

I have written blog posts for more than nine years, and so occasionally, they need refreshing.I recently updated my spiritual freedom blog post and added a video to it. It was a pretty big overhaul, not because it was bad before. But I feel like I can offer a more complete explanation of spiritual freedom from the understanding that I now have. I’m still growing and evolving at the same time I am also dissolving deeper attachments. It’s something to remember particularly if your ego tries to elevate spiritual teachers like me. I’m still human, and ultimately, I’m just a nobody.You can click [Read Entire Story]

Afraid to Meet Your Self

More than a few people I've met are afraid of themselves. They're afraid of what they will find inside, and that fear keeps many people from even looking.But the true Self–the consciousness within and which is a droplet in the ocean of oneness–is nothing to fear. It is also kind of nothing–it is not a thing.As for the ego and the person's past, they will find whatever they are attached to. They will find enjoyable things and unenjoyable things, so I can't say that it will be easy. I can only encourage you to find your courage to go within. The freedom on the other side of dissolving … [Read Entire Story]

Awakening Is Only the Beginning

When someone has a big spiritual moment, there's a tendency to think that this is the final and total spiritual experience or realization. This is particularly true if the experience was enjoyable because if something feels good, why wouldn't you want that all the time?Well, there are lots of things that feel good that should only be temporary. Otherwise, you can end up in addiction. But more to the point, the… [Read Entire Story]

Are You Adding or Subtracting Ego?

Time to cut out ego at the spiritual workshop.When people start on the spiritual path, they commonly are trying to become "more" of something. They want to be more spiritual, more healed, more whole, more happy, or more of something else. But the path to spiritual freedom isn't about getting more. It's about subtracting the ego to find the vastness within us.This point is missed on many people, and more than a few people get… [Read Entire Story]

The Power of Realizing Awareness

There are moments when people realize that they are awareness.These moments are powerful.When it happens for the very first time, it can be shocking. It can be beautiful. It can be scary, but the fear usually comes after the experience when the person re-identifies with the ego. At that point, the ego is saying, "What was that? Am I not who I thought I was?"No. You aren't. You are so much more.Other moments come as well as a person dissolves the ego, and I felt like spending a little time … [Read Entire Story]

Be Nobody

The spiritual path is actually delightfully simple. Just be nobody. There's no one to be. Who is it that wants to be somebody? What does it mean to be somebody? Who defines all of that?Past the obvious truth that you are you and you are a human being, there's not a lot more that needs definition for daily living. You probably have noticed a theme on this blog about letting go. What are you letting go of? You're letting go of everything that defines you as somebody. You're letting go of acting as a victim, perpetrator, lover, hater, fool, wisdom-sharer, and everything else. In that letting go, there is a delightful … [Read Entire Story]

The Delightful Experience of Having No Worries

For most people, having no worries is an experience that is only glimpsed briefly, is surrounded by some kind of euphoric haze brought on by a temporary experience, or simply a illusory idea being sold by some jerk-off spiritual teacher. But the truth of the matter is that we are all … [Read Entire Story]