The Humbling Process in Becoming a True Teacher

Anyone who realizes anything on this spiritual path typically goes through a humbling process.It's humbling to see that we aren't who we thought we were.It's humbling to see that many of our assumptions about life aren't true.It's humbling to see how much suffering we've caused ourselves and others.It's humbling to know that most if not all of that suffering was unnecessary.There is so much to be humbled about, and as I said, most anyone who is sincerely on this path will be humbled. But for those who truly are called to teach, more humbling is required. It's required because you'… [Read Entire Story]

How to Relate to Your Spiritual Teacher

There are many types of spiritual teachers, and there are different levels of spiritual realization. The levels are created by ego attachments. The more realized someone is, the more they see these ego-created different levels. Even though we are all one after all, our ego attachments restrict us to different levels of spiritual realization, and this applies to spiritual teachers like everyone else.It’s like being in your home, but you believe you can’t leave your bedroom. A person who is more realized knows they can leave the bedroom, but they don’t realize that they’re trapped on the first floor. Ultimately, we’re not trapped in the house at all, and we can go anywhere. But… [Read Entire Story]

Space for New Students During the 2019 Holidays

Because of changing schedules, I often have space for sessions with new students in the holiday season before I take my winter break from December 18th to December 29th. If you haven’t reached out to me before and feel intuitively called to do so, this is a good time to connect and have an initial session.As a reminder, I’m a spiritual freedom teacher. I’m interested in helping you dissolve the ego to discover who and what you truly are. Through surrender, we allow life to be as it is, which also allows us to take wise actions as we are called. This is a… [Read Entire Story]