3 Critical Steps in Human Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual freedom is our reality. We can do any and everything that is humanly possible. Any and every experience that a human being can have can be had.These are profound statements that few people ever fully realize, but when that level of realization arises, we turn our eyes back to the temporary world in a whole new way. We see ourselves and life in a whole new way. And for some of us, we find an… [Read Entire Story]

All the Dark Corners of Your Soul

There are levels and depths to the spiritual path as much as there are not levels and depths. This is part of the many paradoxes of the spiritual path. In the sense that an ego is trying to achieve a level of perfection or self-awareness, that is illusory. The strive for attainment and goals ultimately brings you back to the truth that there is nothing to perfect or enhance. We are divine perfection. However, as you go inside with humility, vulnerability, and compassionate aspiration, you will touch oneness. … [Read Entire Story]