When Success No Longer Interests You

People spend a lot of time trying to succeed.They try to succeed at looking attractive.They try to succeed at making money.They try to succeed at winning argumentsThey try to succeed at starting a family.They try to succeed at maintaining a family.Some even try to succeed at having the most pathetic life. I know that sounds odd, but sometimes, there are people who give up on one kind of success and then try to claim another. There are people who are legitimately succeeding at a pity-party life.Well, I won't talk too much about the last one, and the overall point is that the drive to succeed is powerful. It has many forms. Yet… [Read Entire Story]

Choosing Your Spiritual Friends Wisely

There's an old adage that says to "choose your friends wisely." I want to add a new twist to that statement. So today's blog post is about choosing your spiritual friends wisely.In Western Culture's expanding spiritual horizons, there are more ways to connect with people of all spiritual faiths and disciplines than ever before. This is the gift of technology and the Internet. With all these new opportunities, it is very easy to assume that if someone is spiritual, then they're spiritual like you. But "spiritual" and "spirituality" tend to be two words that have… [Read Entire Story]

Awake: A Student’s Story

Today I have the pleasure of sharing my student, Brandy's, awakening experience. I love it because it does a wonderful job of conveying the simplicity of awakening, and I love being able to share it with all of you to remind that awakening doesn't need 30 years of meditation, a specific chant, a perfect guru, or any of that. You don't even have to [Read Entire Story]