Is Binge Drinking Really a Big Deal? A Psychological Perspective

We all know binge drinking isn’t fantastic for physical health. It’s connected to all sorts of fun stuff, including a higher risk of brain damage than just chronic drinking.  But what about mental health? Is it really a big deal if you like to go on benders a few times a month? What is binge … [Read Entire Story]

Re-Entry Anxiety – Does ‘Getting Back to Normal’ Leave You Cold?

by Hugh Wilson After a year of lockdowns and social distancing, we’re all ready to leap back into our stalled social lives and make up for lost time, right? Not necessarily. Welcome to the rise of ‘re-entry anxiety‘. What is ‘re-entry anxiety’? Don’t feel like sprinting through the doors of the nearest pub, restaurant or … [Read Entire Story]

Fight Those Birthday Blues Off!

Studies have shown that, as early as the age of 18, birthday blues can appear. Several factors can contribute to a feeling of general sadness on a person’s birthday. You might be sad because you are another year older, maybe you were dissatisfied by the gifts you have received or perhaps the celebration you were expecting did not turn out how you expected it. You need not worry too much if you are having birthday blues, it’s normal! Most people celebrate… [Read Entire Story]

Taking the Anxiety out of Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety can erode the confidence of even the most self-assured man. When your sexual performance begins to flag, it’s hard not to doubt yourself. Unfortunately, once you do begin to doubt yourself, a vicious cycle ensues in which your newfound self doubt leads to greater sexual dysfunction which in turn increases your self-doubt and so on, ad infinitum. Uncovering the Root of the Problem Why are you so worried about performing well during sex? You… [Read Entire Story]

Lip Biting: 4 Tips to Get Rid of It!

Lip biting, nail biting, hair pulling and skin picking are some of the many strategies that the body provides for coping with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress and such like. These habits manifest when a person feels panicky, nervous or anxious over something that they do. It’s done unconsciously but unfortunately can become part of their way of life. Over time, they find themselves struggling to stop this habit. In lip biting, several effects can result, such as loss of moisture, chapping, broken… [Read Entire Story]

3 Simple Effective Tips For Overcoming The Fear Of Cats

The fear of cats (gatophobia or ailurophobia) isn’t as common as the fear for some other animals like fear of dogs. Nonetheless, this fear can have a profound effect on your everyday life. For instance, the fear of cats can make it impossible for you to visit any of your cat loving friends. The fear can also limit some of your daily activities. Before looking at effective ways of overcoming gatophobia, it is important to first understand the 2 main categories of gatophobia namely fear of evil and fear of physical injury. a. Fear of evil For a long time, cats have been feared because of the belief that they possess supernatural … [Read Entire Story]

4 Proven Ways Of Overcoming The Fear Of Women

Many men may fail to admit this but the truth is; most men suffer from the fear of women. This also applies to women. The extent of that fear is, however, greater for women. If you happen to suffer from the fear of women, you shouldn’t despair. There are ways of overcoming this fear. In this website we give you very useful information free of charge. You don’t have to spend a dime to discover the secret of interacting freely with women. Below are 4 proven ways for overcoming your fear of women. 1. Talk to all kinds of women… [Read Entire Story]

6 Super Effective Tips For Overcoming The Fear Of Sex

The fear of sex is one of the most common fears. Very many people fear sex especially if they are trying it for the first time. Regardless of the type of sex i.e. oral sex or intercourse, fear is inevitable if you don’t know what to expect. To be able to overcome the fear of sex and become comfortable having a sexual relationship, you need to learn some effective tips. Forget about… [Read Entire Story]

Have Anxiety? Take Magnesium!

You know how anxiety can take over your life. You feel inadequate, pessimistic and just plain sad.  There are ways that can help you to stop worrying.  But for some reason, despite trying the tips you see all over, you find yourself still being anxious about the things that are happening to you. You are hesitant to try the various drugs that are available in the market for anxiety. Because there are reports that the relief they give are only temporary . Also, there are instances wherein you can suffer from the side effects of those drugs, which could include dizziness, and fatigue. Of course, there is also the risk of becoming dependent on the drug as you continue using it. … [Read Entire Story]