You have the power

The way you carry yourself affects how you’re treated Every day you broadcast to the world how you want to be treated.  Your confidence, self-esteem and personal authority instruct those around you to treat you with dignity and respect.    You thought those powers were invisible.  They’re not. How you treat yourself is how others will treat you.  How you treat yourself influences how you treat others too. You have the power to influence people.  Cultivate it, by first loving yourself, and then sharing that love with those in your world. [Read Entire Story]

The power of your words

Think more and regret less Once your words are out, you can’t take them back.  Why start moving your lips before you’ve had the chance to listen and think? Resist the urge to get chatty before you know what to say. It insults your intelligence. Avoid being snarky, sarcastic and gossipy – hurtful words have a way of boomeranging back.  They undermine your integrity. In so many areas of life, fewer words connote power.  Short answers and silent pauses, appropriately applied, reveal your inner authority. Let your words have meaning and influence.  Think more, regret less. The post The power of your words appeared first on Healthy Mind Heart Body. [Read Entire Story]

New Year New You? Try This First

With all the focus on making resolutions for a ‘new year, new you‘ there is one crucial oversight. Progress doesn’t happen if we are stuck in a pattern, and patterns happen when we don’t resolve past experiences. If you find yourself setting the same New Years resolutions every January without ever truly achieving them – then … [Read Entire Story]

Lose the ego

Listen and learn Even when you think you already know.  Stop.  Let go of the fragile ego that keeps telling you you’re smarter and better.  You’re not.  Knowledge can mean everything or nothing.  What you knew yesterday can impede you from making the right decisions today.  Assume nothing (or at least not a lot), and you’re starting with the right attitude. Never conclude that yesterday’s success (and what you knew then) will lead to today’s triumph.  It’s a fool’s paradise.  What got you here won’t get you to where you want to be today … [Read Entire Story]

Overcome our fear of loss

Let go of what you fear to lose We own nothing.  We’re caretakers.  Caretakers of time, opportunity, friends, family, possessions and more.   Our grip on all of these is temporary and tenuous. Holding on to them tightly, fearing their loss, is like trying to hold water in the palm of our hand. Wealth is created, and lost, and created again.  Friends and family come and go and return again – they stay, then move away; they pass away over… [Read Entire Story]

Every day

Chip away Every day.  Don’t wait for tomorrow, or after the holiday.  Don’t wait for everything to fall into place. It won’t. It won’t, because the time will never be just right.  It won’t because tomorrow brings with it new challenges, cares and considerations.  It won’t because waiting until tomorrow ushers in a thousand tomorrows. Quit weighing yourself down with excuses.  Get to work.  Start today. Chip away.  And day by day, make sh*t happen. The post Every day appeared first on Healthy Mind Heart Body. [Read Entire Story]

Your dreams are too important…

Stand your ground Face your fears and confront what psychologists call the fight or flight response.  That wiring in the prehistoric part of your brain that mobilizes you to either run like hell or stand and fight in the face of danger – whether real or merely perceived. Today you don’t face the charge of sabre-toothed tigers like the Neanderthals. Today you face impossible deadlines to please ever demanding customers in a constantly changing marketplace.  You face urgencies created by overbearing… [Read Entire Story]

It takes curiosity, commitment and desire

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”  – Henry Miller, novelist Life’s a journey.  No end, no final destination.  Just milestones along the path, with new paths to explore, and new ways to experience your world.  The journey is more than enough for a full, rich life if you do it right –  if you keep learning, and growing and expanding your reach. It takes curiosity.  It takes a commitment to daily renewal.  It takes the desire to create the vision, set the milestones, and … [Read Entire Story]

Get crazy

“I succeeded because I was crazy enough to think I could.” – Paulo Coelho Get crazy.  Recognize that when you think you can, others will tell you you can’t.  Ignore most of them, maybe all of them.   Listen to the ones who support you, who want to help guide you,  who have your back.  Listen to sage advice, but know that only you decide your direction. Know you can.  Keep that mantra top of mind.  Own it. Create the vision of you having already succeeded.  What it looks like, what it feels like, how your life has changed because you dared to dream, to act.  And then act – every day, day after … [Read Entire Story]

Will you dare?

“For all that has been, thanks! For all that shall be – Yes!” – Dag Hammarskjold (excerpt from Markings)   Day 1. Will you dare to get positively upside down – 100% – from 2015? – We’ve been working on a new website! Whenever we read these posts, we’re inspired to write our own private thoughts. Now you can write your own private thoughts at It’s easy. It’s private. [Read Entire Story]

Jettison the junk

“Know what doesn’t matter.” Know what you need to learn, and know what doesn’t matter.   You’re inundated with stuff, lots of it – too much of it.  Your inbox is jammed; pop-ups scream at you to click and discover one more scrap of data, one more set of assumptions, objects, ideas, processes, and rules.  Let the time wasters go. As you move into the new year, your most valuable skill will be to discern what is not of fundamental importance, and ignore it.  There is no inherent advantage in knowing facts There are a handful of things that will be indispensable to your success in 2016.  Find them… [Read Entire Story]

It’s about words

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein Language is the roadmap to possibility.  Limits in language create limits in thought.  Your vocabulary is the catalyst to thinking in unlimited ways. Read.  Write.  Engage in interesting conversation. Expand your vocabulary, and in doing so expand your capacity to think, and expand your world. Life without limits begins with your grasp of language. – We’ve been working on a new website! Whenever we [Read Entire Story]

Fast forward…

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.” – Orison Swett Marden Years ago, a friend, just out of college, carved out a tiny startup subcontracting in the home improvement trades.  He did what most would think was ordinary, common work.   He did this in the midst of the internet bubble of the 90’s – a  time when high-flying technology was a much “sexier” bet. Fast forward.  We were recently together at a college football game.  At the tailgate he told me he had decided to sell his jet.  He no longer needs it, and now wants to do more sailing.  Next … [Read Entire Story]

It awaits your possession

“Zero sum doesn’t add up.” – P.J. O’Rourke It’s bad calculus.  Others need not lose for you to win.  Another’s win does not mean your loss. You live in a universe of abundance, not scarcity. It’s not a zero sum world.  Life is not like a pizza, where there are a limited number of slices, and if you miss out you’re stuck with the box.  Life lived in abundance does not require you steal a sliver of someone else’s slice, or somehow redistribute the pie.  You can get your … [Read Entire Story]

What does it mean?

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.” – Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth What does it mean for you to be alive?  Alive with descriptors like vibrant, aware, connected, relevant, valuable? Many seek meaning, wanting to be fully alive, but few will do the work to make it happen.  Many would rather attempt an intellectual exercise and then default to just safely sleepwalk through life. Life lived well means feet on the grid, mind engaged.  It means making good… [Read Entire Story]

As within, so without

“Your outer conditions reflect your inner beliefs.” Do you treat yourself the way you want others to treat you?   How much love and respect do you give yourself? Your thoughts send a signal to those around you.  How people treat you is an outcome of what you think about you.  You have to think of yourself as worthy and important.  You have to think – to be convinced –  that you deserve to be treated well.  You have to fill yourself with love for you. Until you fill yourself with that love, you cannot fully share love with your world.  The love for yourself that you have within is the attractor for the love and respect you want from others. – We’ve been working on a… [Read Entire Story]

Insist on it

Insist If you won’t, who else will?   Insist that you take the actions that push you past the boundaries that confine you today.  Why let those walls define and limit you? Make it your intention to embrace difficulty, confront pain, and risk failure.  Step far beyond your comfort zone.  Insist on it.  And then do it. For you. – We’ve been working on a new website! Whenever we read these posts, we’re inspired to write our own private thoughts. Now you can write your own private thoughts at It’s easy. It’s private. It’s free. Try it! Let us know what you think!The post Insist on it [Read Entire Story]

Lighten your load

“Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.” – Robert J. Sawyer There are things, and there are things that matter.  And even the things that matter won’t matter a hundred years from now.   Discern the difference between mere things and what matters today.  Turn off the distracting noise of the trivial.  Get centered and let go of the stuff hanging around the edges of your … [Read Entire Story]

Four words

Can you help me? Four words.  Used with the right intent and without ego.  Used with humility.  Used as a request and not a directive.  Four words that will make a positive impact on your work, your life and the lives of those who surround you. Asking for help is a force multiplier.  Asking for help is a way to connect as a real person.  Asking for help is a way of telling others you trust them.  It’s also a powerful way to share that you too have weaknesses, to share you are willing to listen and learn. Who will refuse… [Read Entire Story]

No bull…

Be the example Change the world by your example, not your opinion.   Talk is cheap.  The world cares more about what you do. No bull, no baloney, no blarney.  What you do speaks volumes over what you say – We’ve been working on a new website! Whenever we read these posts, we’re inspired to write our own private thoughts. Now you can write your own private thoughts at It’s easy. It’s private. It’s free. Try it! Let us know what you think!The post No bull… appeared first on Healthy Mind Heart Body. [Read Entire Story]

Don’t wait…

“Ivan Ilych’s life had been most simple and most ordinary and therefore most terrible” – Leo Tolstoy, from his novella The Death of Ivan Ilich Ivan Ilych’s values and desires were ruled by the opinions of others.  In the bargain for social standing, he compromised the voice of his soul, he relinquished his freedom and individuality.  He followed convention and pursued a life of shallow relationships and petty self-interest. In a death-bed epiphany, Ivan recognized the terrible price he paid for conformity, for safety, for basing his … [Read Entire Story]

Just try it

You can’t transcend what you don’t know To go beyond yourself, get to know yourself.  Know your strengths, know what limits you today. Get to know all those dusty corners in your daily life where you live in an inert and reactive state rather than a proactive state.  Think critically, and discover what needs to change.  Create a shift in your mindset, and then act – make the change.  Just try it. Learn to lead rather than follow. – We’ve been working on a new website! Whenever we read these posts, we’re inspired to write our own private thoughts. Now you can write your own private thoughts at It’s… [Read Entire Story]

Just fix them

“I don’t complain about my problems; I just fix them.” – Magnus Christian You’re here to live your life, not make everyone understand or appreciate your difficulties and challenges. Quit your bellyaching.  Quit wasting energy.   People don’t care about how hard your life is, they have plenty of their own problems.  People want to see you get things done… [Read Entire Story]

So what?

“There is unequivocal evidence that the world is a place of unfairness.”  – Elizabeth Gilbert So what?  I plan to keep playing the odds anyway.  I keep designing my life, and creating my path despite the odds. And while I choose to keep my feet planted in reality, I also choose to frame my world from the perspective of possibility, the expectancy of joyful discovery. I choose … [Read Entire Story]