Is it a ‘Superiority Complex’ that’s the Problem?

Is a colleague or acquaintance so full of themselves it makes you want to scream? Alway bragging and showing off? Is it a superiority complex, or something different? And why does it matter? The original definition of ‘superiority complex’ A ‘superiority complex’ is a term that was first coined in the early 1900s by respected … [Read Entire Story]

How to Stand Up For Yourself – 9 Steps That Really Help

by Andrea Blundell Is there a situation in your life you’ve let go on for far too long? And you know you need to stand up for yourself? Where to start? 9 Steps to standing up for yourself in life 1. Make sure you’ve read the situation right. Sometimes our thinking isn’t correct. We can … [Read Entire Story]

Cosmetic Surgery and Mental Health – Can You Cope?

Dream of doing an optional cosmetic procedure, in hopes it will change your life? Cosmetic surgery and mental health are deeply connected, and there are many things to consider before an operation.  The positive effects of plastic surgery When it comes to cosmetic surgery and mental health, it’s true that there can be positive results. … [Read Entire Story]

“Why do I Always Have Bad Luck”? (Hint: It Might Be You)

By Andrea Blundell Always have bad luck compared to everyone around you? Feel like you were born under a bad star? And spend your life telling everyone who will listen one unbelievable story after another? Why is it you are always the unlucky one? You might have more control over this than you think. Bad … [Read Entire Story]

Oversharing Syndrome – the Truth About Too Much Info

by Andrea Blundell Oversharing can feel good in the moment, but can have not so great consequences. So why do we keep doing it? Compulsive vs intentional oversharing Yes, we can all purposely overshare when we are outraged or upset, and want people on our side. And you just have to look at social media … [Read Entire Story]

Peter Pan Syndrome – Is It Always a Bad Thing?

Feel like everyone wants you to be something you aren’t? Been told you need to ‘grow up’, or that you have ‘Peter Pan syndrome’? What is Peter Pan syndrome? No, it is not a real psychological diagnosis. But it’s a helpful catch phrase to refer to other mental health issues. Peter Pan syndrome refers to … [Read Entire Story]

Always Feeling Regretful? When It’s More Than Bad Choices

by Andrea Blundell Left feeling regretful with every decision you make? With a sense of sorrow for all the things that might have been? Is regret always a bad thing? Sometimes we really do make a bad decision, and our regret guides us to change for the better. If we, say, lie [Read Entire Story]

Never Reach Your Full Potential? 7 Reasons Why

by Andrea Blundell You try so darned hard. And yet here you are, still struggling. Or you have done what you thought would make you feel accomplished, but you don’t. Why is it you never seem to reach your full potential? 1. You don’t know yourself. This can come from a childhood where you only … [Read Entire Story]

Ignorance Is Bliss – Or is It? The Cost of Playing Dumb

By Andrea Blundell “Ignorance is bliss”. Is it true? Or do we need to examine our belief that what we don’t know won’t hurt us, particularly when it comes to things like racism and inequality? What is ignorance, really? It’s easy to say that ignorance is simply ‘not knowing’. But sociology would argue otherwise. Ignorance … [Read Entire Story]

Personal Accountability – Why You Need More of It, Now

by Andrea Blundell Often feel a letdown, no matter how hard you try? Or has someone insinuated you need to ‘grow up’ a bit? Sounds like it’s time for some personal accountability. What is personal accountability? Relax. Personal accountability isn’t about being organised all the time, perfect, or an overachiever. It simply means you choose … [Read Entire Story]

Personal Power – 11 Ways to Grow Yours

by Andrea Blundell Want more personal power? Or just to stop feeling so helpless and lost? But not sure where to start?  What is personal power? Personal power is not about controlling others. This is social power. Personal power is instead about being totally detached from others and their opinions, and instead attached to your … [Read Entire Story]

Attention-Seeking Behaviour – Guiltier Than You Realise?

Have you been accused of attention-seeking behaviour? What might this look like, why would you do it, and what can be done to turn a need for attention into something more beneficial? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell addresses this important issue. What is attention-seeking behaviour? Some kinds of attention seeking are more obvious than … [Read Entire Story]

People Pleaser? 12 Signs You Are One (and Why)

Have you been called a people pleaser, and you aren’t sure it is true? Or how you ended up this way? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores. What is a people pleaser? So what is the meaning of ‘people pleaser’? It refers to a constant need to put others needs before your own. This … [Read Entire Story]

“I Don’t Belong” – Can’t Find Your Place in the World?

Constantly left feeling, “I don’t belong?” Even when surrounded by so-called ‘friends’? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores the issue of ‘belongingness’.  What is belonging? Belonging is defined as feeling part of a group, whether that is a family, a set of friends, or a workplace. Psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his famous model about … [Read Entire Story]

Need to Be Right Every Time? Here’s Why (and the Real Cost)

Do people tell you that you are obsessed with being right, but you aren’t sure it’s true? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell investigates.  Signs you need to be right Balk at being told you are righteous? And immediately have reasons to protest why you are not? But reasons that, well…. put you above others? … [Read Entire Story]

More Self-Critical Than You Realise? 11 Signs to Spot

Being self-critical is a serious problem. Research connects it to a greater risk of depression*, self-harm**, and eating disorders***. And yet many of us don’t realise just how much self-criticism is our norm, until we find ourselves in therapy, listening more closely to our thoughts. What are the signs that you are actually a self-critical … [Read Entire Story]

Shame – is This Emotion Secretly Ruling Your Life?

Shame is a word we attribute with many meanings. We say we ‘feel ashamed’ if we mess up at work, or disappoint a partner. Or ‘don’t shame me’ if someone is putting us down. The examples above really talk about guilt – – our awareness that our actions have upset others. Shame might be triggered by a poor choice … [Read Entire Story]

Everyone Else’s Fault? How to Stop Projecting Feelings Onto Others

What is projection anyway? You don’t want to go out for the evening, but convince  yourself the other party actually doesn’t find you interesting and that’s why you’re cancelling. You are incredibly attracted to a colleague, but get angry at them for flirting with you. In a fight with your sister you stay very calm, pointing … [Read Entire Story]

11 Tools For Building Confidence – Starting Today

It seems that in today’s modern world,  confidence is a currency similar to money – we all want more of it, and it never seems enough. This is in part because of the self-help movement’s connection of confidence with success. (But this concept is actually a myth- more on that later.) It’s possible many of us actually … [Read Entire Story]

Comparing Yourself to Others – Can It Ever Be Helpful?

From a parent telling us we have been better behaved than a sibling, to a teacher who keeps a chart with students’ names and gold stars, we are taught the idea of comparing  from very young. In psychology, the human drive to compare ourselves to others is called “social comparison theory”. Social comparison theory The theory … [Read Entire Story]

Low Self-Confidence – How Much of a Problem Is It, Really?

It’s easy to blame many of our problems in life on low self-confidence. But is your confidence as low as you think? And if you do struggle to be confident, how worried should you be when it comes to your psychological health?  What is self-confidence? Self-confidence is both a state of certainty and a positive … [Read Entire Story]

12 Steps to Overcoming Bitterness

Anger involves outrage followed by action, as you decide how best to handle your situation. Bitterness can feel worse than anger because it involves feeling helpless. Referred to as ’embitterment’ in psychology circles, bitterness happens when you feel there is no action left to take because everything is out of your control. While it might be … [Read Entire Story]

The New Self Care – Can It Protect Your Psychological Health?

Once seen as just about taking care of your physical health, such as eating well and exercising, self care is now viewed in a much more holistic manner. Not only is there your physical health to take care of, but also your mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. Really, you can practise self care … [Read Entire Story]

10 Excuses That Hide Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Emotional abuse (also called psychological abuse or mental abuse) is any form of non-physical abuse designed to cause damage to another person’s mindset and erode their sense of wellbeing. It most often involves someone imposing their power over you in a way that attacks your sense of confidence and makes you depend on them, whether … [Read Entire Story]