Why You Need to Learn How to Delegate (and What Might be Holding You Back)

An avid ‘do-it-yourselfer’? Can’t be bothered to ask for help at work, home, or in relationships? Refusing to learn how to delegate means you are missing out on a powerful tool of personal growth. Learn how to delegate to reap these benefits How is delegating a tool of mental and emotional wellbeing? 1. It helps … [Read Entire Story]

Oversharing Syndrome – the Truth About Too Much Info

by Andrea Blundell Oversharing can feel good in the moment, but can have not so great consequences. So why do we keep doing it? Compulsive vs intentional oversharing Yes, we can all purposely overshare when we are outraged or upset, and want people on our side. And you just have to look at social media … [Read Entire Story]