Talk too Much? Why You’re Garrulous (and How to Stop)

by Andrea Blundell Talk too much, to the point it leaves you feeling rejected or embarrassed? Or dealing with a garrulous colleague or family member, and struggling to have empathy? Why do I talk too much? Some people are naturally more talkative. Scientists have found, for example, that girls have more of communication-related gene called … [Read Entire Story]

The Freeze Response – Known to Numb Out Under Stress?

When bad things happen, does your mind suddenly go blank? Do you feel tired? And just end up not responding? Your brain might use ‘the freeze response’ in the face of stress. Fight or flight The way we respond to perceived danger was long called the ‘fight of flight’ response. This idea was coined way … [Read Entire Story]

Mind-Body Workbook for PTSD: A 10-Week Program for Healing After Trauma (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)

It may not seem possible at first, but you can make a full recovery after trauma Many traumatic experiences naturally heal with time and become part of your past, like old scars. But when you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumas flare up in your life again and again, causing stress and making it difficult [More About This Book]

PTSD in Children – Does Your Child Have Symptoms?

It was once thought that children suffered less than  adults from PTSD due to a natural ‘resilience’. But it is now recognised that children are very vulnerable to PTSD, and new methods of diagnosis mean that more children are receiving the support they need. There is no recent survey in England that offers statistics on how many … [Read Entire Story]