Getting Over Disappointment – Practice the Art Of Non-attachment.

A very healing video. So many suffer from this for no good reason. Feeling this way most of my life. I know it stemmed from childhood. Over the last few years I’ve began my journey of changing this emotional state. I have found that “energy flows where attention goes.” I’ve tried this … [Read Entire Story]

Keep To Your Vision.

“Human Beings, by changing their inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives.” – William JamesSome call it visioning, others call it dreaming, reframing, visualization, positive thinking or cognitive therapy. And still others just do it and don’t call it anything. Its the art of deliberately picturing something that we desire – behavior, goal or outcome- so that its … [Read Entire Story]

Daily Affirmations – Do They Really Work?

Affirmations – Helpful Or Harmful? Award-winning film ‘The Help” introduces us to black maid Aibileen Clark, working for a rich white family in the time of America’s Civil Rights Movement  in the 1960s. She is trying to positively influence her little charge, Mae Mobley, her employers’ rather unloved and uncared for child. Aibileen offers Mae … [Read Entire Story]

The Power of Positive Thinking in 3D

When you employ the power of positive thinking, how do you apply it? Are you working to overcome a limiting mindset or to adopt a positive one? Do your positive thoughts include pictures, sounds and feelings? While you’re at it, what is your vision for your life based on? Did you form it around your past, your present or your future? You and I have these movies we play in our head. They start with a dialog and then move into pictures. Then they become moving pictures, and finally, we attach feelings to them. Motivated by our personal vision These mind movies and the feelings that come with … [Read Entire Story]

Self Esteem – It makes us who we are

Self-esteem is a term in psychology that reflects a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth. A person’s self concept consists of the beliefs one has about oneself, one’s self perception. Self esteem is that part of our emotional make up that makes us who we are. When we have healthy self esteem we are capable of achieving almost anything we set our minds to doing. Our self esteem is like a lighter that sets off the fire in our emotional furnace. When we are young our feelings get hurt more easily because we have not yet learned how to deal with hurt feelings. … [Read Entire Story]

How to Expect the Best

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck in negative thought patterns that dampen your expectations? You know the kind I mean, where you start expecting the worst possible outcomes.  Have you ever thought or said: ‘I don’t think I can make this work, or I seriously doubt that I can pull this off.” This is a common mindset that often proves very difficult to change even after you finally decide that you’ve had enough.  That’s because the negative thoughts behind the … [Read Entire Story]

Why Can Reasoning Hurt Your Decision-Making?

Quick – what’s more important intuition or logic? You gut feeling says: intuition. But when you start thinking about it, your mind will tell you that logic is more reliable and makes more sense – because it’s logical. It’s great when your mind and your heart are aligned, but what happens when they point in the opposite directions? Can rationalizing actually hurt our intuition and push us into making wrong choices? It turns out yes! And it happens more often than you think. In one recent study a group of students was offered 5 posters to… [Read Entire Story]

What makes you a good leader?

How can you really tell if a person has the skills to become a true leader? Some people wonder, if indeed they have the skills to lead their life or their work towards a better future and others believe without evidence that they are irreplaceable. Researchers reveal the characteristics of a “leading” personality and explain those attitudes that distinguish an everyday person from a leader! A leader follows his true mission The leader knows what the mission is and has studied in detail the next moves. He even has a plan B in mind. It is important to know exactly how you will get to your goal, what steps to … [Read Entire Story]

The Power Of Self-Belief

Photo Credit: Maneula A quote of unknown origin states that “Confidence is the companion of success”. I couldn’t agree more with the idea of success being a culmination of factors and choices that we take into our own hands. We have the ability to make decisions with confidence and in turn, create powerful change. In The post The Power Of Self-Belief appeared first on Healthy Mind Heart Body. [Read Entire Story]

Think Your Way to Better Health: 8 Physical Benefits of Positive Thinking

The concept that positive thinking can improve our lives is not a new one. “A positive attitude can go a long way towards improving our lives,” says author Michael Myles. The improvement is not just a mental one though. Positive thinking can actually have tangible, physical health benefits to offer its practitioners. Here is a [Read Entire Story]

How to improve a bad behaviour

Correct your bad behavior and change your interaction with other people! Many people have problems with their behavior, smaller or even important, leading a life they certainly had not dreamed. Their colleagues avoid them and friends don’t bond with them… until they understand that the only one to blame is themselves. The following tips will “open up” the road to happiness, as long as you improve the way you’re thinking… Focus on a behavior issue … and not on all of them! If you try to solve two main problems of your behavior simultaneously … you will probably make mistakes! It is important to set a target, which triggers your “wants” toward your interaction with others. You can either deal… [Read Entire Story]

How to become a better friend

“Invest” emotionally in a friendship, because good friends are priceless. Friendship is like the expensive tasty wine, the more it ages the better it gets! Certainly a bonded relationship requires care and effort, since without compromises nothing can be kept “alive”. Follow the tips below in order to go deeper into your interpersonal relationships and find out how to become a better friend… Be reliable as good friends You… [Read Entire Story]

Self Pity (The Emotional Parasite)

*Self-pity is a parasite that feeds on itself. Many of us are inclined towards self-pity, not allowing for the balance of life’s natural tragedies. We will face good and bad times–and they will pass. With certainty they will pass. The attitude “Why me?” hints at the little compassion we generally feel for others’ suffering. Our empathy with others’ even our awareness of their suffering, is generally minimal. We are much too involved in our … [Read Entire Story]

The 10 characteristics of likeable people – Are you one of them?

Likeable people can win you directly. Looking at someone in the eyes or speaking with them, you quickly feel familiar and positive feelings are created. Is it really a charisma the way that a person can earn the liking in their environment? Let’s examine the 10 main characteristics that make some people more likeable than others. 1. Positive … [Read Entire Story]

The Rainbow Tree – An edited version that improves our quality of life.

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your best friend. You’ll blame a new love for things an old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is … [Read Entire Story]

Stop Judging: 5 Negative Effects of Stereotyping

“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.” ? Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist The young woman was walking on the beach, when she saw an old lady sleeping in a winter coat right on the sand. She was lying just a few feet away from the beach entrance and people were constantly walking passed her. It was … [Read Entire Story]


Steps for Dealing With the Triggers That Lead You Back to Your Addiction Get off the Addiction Ride to No Where! Ok, you’ve made your choice. You’ve decided to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol. You believe in going to meetings for support, you read all the material written about addictions, you’ve decided to stay away from friends that use or drink and you’re determined, this time, to make it. To not be an addict any longer. You want to wake up feeling good about living without having to pop a pill or take a drink of alcohol. Things are going ok, but could be better. You still have the “CRAVING MONSTER” on your back. You come into situations, whether negative or positive, that use to be… [Read Entire Story]

Keep Your Eye on Your Goals No Matter What Comes Your Way!

(Video-Source by kannanssss) Without failure we would never learn to do better next time. All of the negatives that seem to try to divert us from reaching our goals are there to make us better at what we do. Persistence is a unique mental strength, a strength that is essential to comb at the fierce power of the repeated rejections and numerous other obstacles that sit in waiting and all apart of winning in a fast moving, ever changing world. Highly successful men and women… [Read Entire Story]

Three Lessons from The Science of Self-Control

Whether it’s about getting our emotional lives under control, learning how to focus on our goals, or sticking to a diet, self-control is key. But where does self-control come from? Would you be surprised to learn that gargling sugar water, thinking about a friend, or watching a video could help you improve your self-control? As it happens, that’s exactly what cutting edge science is telling us. Here’s why. 1. Self-Control May Not Be a Limited Resource In recent years, some scientists have suggested that self-control is a limited resource. Why would anybody suggest this? Well, many experiments have shown that if you perform one self-control task, you will do worse on a second self-control task… [Read Entire Story]