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Jim Rohn: Attitude decides Success (Personal Development)

Mind Exposure Network is Here

I recently created a word press blog located at Mindexposure.net, this will a multi author blog.This means it will be open to any blog author to join and contribute to it. The sole mission of this newly created blog is to provide informative, creative , inspirational and positive content for the readers to benefit from. We believe wisdom comes from all types of people in the world, not one region, religion or philosophy has all the answers nor all the wisdom. So if interested in joining this project just stop by www.mindexposure.net , sign up and give me a shout via a comment … [Read Entire Story]

Mystic Secrets Revealed: 53 Keys to Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

“Mystic Secrets Revealed is a guide to inner transformation…” –Midwest Book Review Discover practical spiritual principles that lead to personal and spiritual transformation: 3 simple steps to follow to manifest your ideal life… How to use Mental Alchemy to transmute your thoughts to produce immediate, beneficial results… 2 profound, yet easy-to-practice techniques you can use [More About This Book]

The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life

Presenting twelve breakthrough practices for bringing creativity into all human endeavors, The Art of Possibility is the dynamic product of an extraordinary partnership. The Art of Possibility combines Benjamin Zander’s experience as conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and his talent as a teacher and communicator with psychotherapist Rosamund Stone Zander’s genius for designing innovative paradigms [More About This Book]

You Can Analyze Handwriting – A Practical Tool for Self-Knowledge and Personal Power

“The Easiest Way to Read Minds…” Handwriting is much more than scribbles on a page; it is a universal means of communication and expression. It reveals how we’re feeling, who we really are, and can even expose health issues we didn’t know we had. The ability to properly analyze handwriting to uncover these secrets is [More About This Book]

The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success

“The Traveler’s Gift effectively combines self-help with fiction . . . sustaining momentum while simultaneously passing on instructions for positive thinking . . . an exemplary job at providing positive suggestions for overcoming life’s obstacles.” – Publishers Weekly “Andy Andrews will challenge you to reach your fullest potential.” – John C. Maxwell, Founder, The INJOYTM Group [More About This Book]

The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal

The number of hours in a day is fixed, but the quantity and quality of energy available to us is not. This fundamental insight has the power to revolutionize the way you live. As Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz demonstrate in their groundbreaking New York Times bestseller, managing energy, not time, is the key to [More About This Book]

The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

What if charisma could be taught? The charisma myth is the idea that charisma is a fundamental, inborn quality—you either have it (Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, Oprah) or you don’t. But that’s simply not true, as Olivia Fox Cabane reveals. Charismatic behaviors can be learned and perfected by anyone. Drawing on techniques she originally developed [More About This Book]

Conversationally Speaking: Tested New Ways to Increase Your Personal and Social Effectiveness

More than a million people have learned the secrets of effective conversation using Conversationally Speaking. This revised edition provides more ways to improve conversational skills by asking questions that promote conversation, learning how to listen so that others will be encouraged to talk, reducing anxiety in social situations and more. $ 8.94

Stick Up for Yourself: Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power & Positive Self-Esteem (Revised & Updated Edition)

First published in 1990, this perennial best-seller has helped countless children build self-esteem and assertiveness skills.Newly revised and updated, it’s the ultimate resource for any kid who’s ever been picked on at school, bossed around, blamed for things he or she didn’t do, or treated unfairly—and for any kid who sometimes feels frustrated, angry, powerless, [More About This Book]

40 Days to Personal Revolution: A Breakthrough Program to Radically Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul

Let the Revolution Begin “Now”In “40 Days to Personal Revolution,” Baron Baptiste — one of the world’s most beloved master yoga teachers — inspires us to transform more than body and mind: He gives us the tools we need to set ourselves free to live the healthful life we’ve always imagined. In the next 40 [More About This Book]

Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement

Anthony Robbins calls it the new science of personal achievement. You’ll call it the best thing that ever happened to you. If you have ever dreamed of a better life, Unlimited Power will show you how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve, and how to master your personal and professional [More About This Book]

Jim Rohn – Personal Development – Living An Exceptional Life

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Personal Workbook

Internationally renowned leadership authority and bestselling author Stephen R. Covey presents a hands-on companion to his landmark book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which has sold more than 10 million copies and has become a touchstone for individuals, families, and businesses around the world.Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People took [More About This Book]

Personal Development Plan – The Essentials Of Getting Results

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life

Who Moved My Cheese? showed readers how to adapt to change. Fish! helped raise flagging morale. Execution guided readers to overcome the inability to get things done. QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, already a phenomenon in its self-published edition, addresses the most important issue in business and society today: personal accountability. The lack of [More About This Book]

Random Reflections–12/20/2014

I am but a man, I have many faults and I am forever learning and changing. I try to interact with others in the most amiable manner as I can. I do get angry, but usually it is short-lived and forgiveness of others comes easy for me most of the time. Most of the time I wander around life in a lost and unorganized state of mind. The rest of the time I gain clarity only long enough to write … [Read Entire Story]

Random Thoughts on Stereotypes and Relationships.

The stereotypes society has created for male and female serve a purpose but in the end cause more conflicts within relationships and create so misconceptions bout both sexes. Not all of us fit into what the norm sees as perfect men or women. Humans are diverse and people are not always going to go by the textbook when it comes to their personalities and traits. We come in all shapes, colors and flavors so to speak, the different life experiences we each have helps mold us into the person we are today and what we may become later in life. So many relationships go bad because of preconceived ideals of what one mate or… [Read Entire Story]

Time to step away from the character I have played

To much self, not enough of everybody else. Too much of ego for most of us to let go. Me, myself and I are in the way and it makes me blind. Blind of the truth around me and the connection we all have to everything. Too much worry, anger and paranoia within the self-centered man I seem to be and its time to put him aside for the person who I truly am. Time to return to who I was as a child, to the person I am… [Read Entire Story]

Have love and compassion for those in need

Being humans we tend to forget how short and temporary life is. We live each day as if we have forever which makes us forget how precious life and the people we love are. We allow petty differences, arguments and selfishness to get in the way of the joy and happiness we can have and deserve. Stop worrying over your past mistakes, as long as you learned from them… [Read Entire Story]

Who and what we truly are

Why do we allow the opinions of others to effect our self-image, emotions and outlook on life. We tend to seek acceptance and reassurance from others, we learned this behavior as children. We need to see that though opinions of others have meaning and some weight, that our own opinions are just as important if not more so when it comes to our self. Others do … [Read Entire Story]