Does Online Child Therapy Actually Work?

Yes, you are aware that, courtesy of the pandemic, a lot of things have gone online lately. And yes, your child is stressed and you want them to experience child counselling. But surely online child therapy can’t be that effective? Actually, the opposite seems to be true. What is online child therapy, exactly? Online therapy … [Read Entire Story]

Child Counselling – What are the Signs Your Kid Needs a Therapist?

Has your kid not been acting themselves lately? Or you worry they are too different from their siblings or schoolmates? Left wondering if it’s time for child counselling? Even before Covid-19, an NHS survey estimated that one in nine children had a diagnosable mental health disorder. This was raised to one in six during [Read Entire Story]

Dad Guilt? When “Bad Dad” Worries Bring You Down

by Hugh Wilson Between providing for your children and spending time with them, are you worried you are leaning way too far to one side or the other? Welcome to the world of ‘dad guilt’.  What is dad guilt? Dad guilt is a relatively recent phenomenon that has emerged as a new generation of dads … [Read Entire Story]

What is Reverse Psychology? And is it Damaging Your Relationships?

by Andrea Blundell Pretend you want what you don’t, in order to get what you do? What is reverse psychology, really, and is it good or bad for our relationships? What is reverse psychology? At the heart of the concept is the assumption that most people don’t like being told what to do. So how … [Read Entire Story]

Kids and Face Coverings – Does it Hurt Their Mental Health?

Want your child to wear a mask, but worried you’d be doing the right thing when it comes to their wellbeing? Or has your child not been themselves lately? And you suspect it relates to mask wearing?  Do face coverings for kids affect their mental health? Recent research from Germany around face coverings for kids … [Read Entire Story]

3 Positive Parenting Tips We’ve Learned In 2020

by Rob Stanley If there has ever been a year to integrate positive parenting tips, it’s been this one, a year that left a lot of parents facing situations they never would have dreamed of dealing with. Who could have imagined back in January that we’d have to learn how to disinfect a child’s backpack? … [Read Entire Story]

Erikson Theory – Are You a Success at the ‘Stages of Life’?

Are you on track in life, or do you have a sense you are less together than others around you? Not sure where it all went wrong? It can help to learn Erikson Theory. What is Erikson Theory? “Erikson Theory” is a set of eight stages of psychosocial development seen as essential to becoming a productive … [Read Entire Story]

Peter Pan Syndrome – Is It Always a Bad Thing?

Feel like everyone wants you to be something you aren’t? Been told you need to ‘grow up’, or that you have ‘Peter Pan syndrome’? What is Peter Pan syndrome? No, it is not a real psychological diagnosis. But it’s a helpful catch phrase to refer to other mental health issues. Peter Pan syndrome refers to … [Read Entire Story]

2e Kids – Do You Have a ‘Twice Exceptional’ Child? 

Know your child is exceptional? But others can’t see it because of a learning difference? Or conversely, is your child marked out as gifted, but you worry they are struggling in ways that are hidden by their gifts? It’s time to learn about 2e kids. What are 2e kids? Twice exceptional children, or ‘2e kids’, … [Read Entire Story]

What is Attachment Disorder?

Struggle in relationships, and worried you have an attachment disorder? It’s actually a controversial phrase and diagnosis. What is attachment disorder? ‘Attachment disorder’ is not an official mental health diagnosis. Instead, it’s an umbrella term sometimes used to refer to emotional and behavioural issues in adults, particularly with relating, that link back to lack of … [Read Entire Story]

Narcissistic Parenting – Was This Your Childhood?

by Andrea Blundell Often wonder if your current issues have to do with the way you were parented? And worry that the lack of unconditional love but copious amounts of control you dealt with as a child might mean you suffered narcissistic parenting? A study published in the International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy … [Read Entire Story]

Conflicting Parenting Styles – Is It Affecting Your Family?

; Just because you love each other doesn’t mean you love your spouse’s approach to raising kids.  Why do conflicting parenting styles happen? Most often, despite all the books we read about parenting, we tend to  rely on how we ourselves were raised. We attempt to build on what worked, and reshape what didn’t. [Read Entire Story]

ADHD in Children – Should You Be Concerned?

Children are by their very nature full of energy and curiosity. Stuck in an adult world of rules they are still learning, they all can become bored with sitting still, forget what they’ve been told, and get distracted by something new and exciting. So then when does normal child behaviour cross the line into attention … [Read Entire Story]

Anger in Children – How Can You Help?

Anger can be perplexing enough in your partner or family member. But what about your child? What can you do if you have an angry kid? And what are the possible reasons he or she became so angry in the first place? Why is my child so angry? We all have an inbuilt primal response of self protection. For … [Read Entire Story]

How to Cope When Your Child Has a Chronic Illness

Finding out your child has a chronic illness is a daunting, unexpected experience for any parent.  And what with learning how to handle your sick child’s new needs and requirements, to managing the effects a chronically ill sibling has on your other children, it can be easy to overlook your own wellbeing. The psychological effects [Read Entire Story]

Your Teenager’s Brain -What Is Going On In There?

Is your once affectionate son now a surly person who loathes to exit his bedroom? Your calm and reliable daughter you enjoyed shopping trips with suddenly hyper and daring and refusing to be seen with you? If your teenagers suddenly seem like a different species, you just might be right – at least as far … [Read Entire Story]

A Postnatal Depression Case Study – What is it Really Like?

by Natalie Trice It’s not uncommon to experience ‘baby blues’ after giving birth. For some women this goes away as quickly as it arrived. For others, it develops into full-blown postnatal depression (PND), a condition that is often hidden but can have a significant impact on you and your [Read Entire Story]

The Psychological Cost of Never Saying No

No. Such a powerful little word, and as toddlers we all seem to have no trouble using it. No, you can’t have my toy, and no, I don’t want to eat those vegetables. And yet somewhere along the line, many of us turn into adults who seem to have an absolute allergy to saying no. Or … [Read Entire Story]

Is My Child Depressed?

We tend to associate being a child with being carefree, and not with depression. But depression and mental health challenges are far from just for adults. In the UK, the Office of National Statistics suggests that 1 in 10 children suffer a mental health condition, with at least 4% of this number suffering anxiety and … [Read Entire Story]

Mental Health Issues in Childhood – Do Siblings Suffer?

If your child has a mental or behavioural health issue such as ADHD, anxiety disorder, or autism, you are probably used to feelings such as exhaustion, frustration, confusion, and worry. And then of course there is the guilt – is it somehow your fault? Are you doing enough for them? Are you a bad parent … [Read Entire Story]

Empty Nest Syndrome – The Other End of Parenting

When we are young, starting a family represents a major shift in focus. It requires us to think about the welfare and happiness of children who look to us for everything. It’s a wonderful and scary transition for young parents, one that involves every thread of their being. It’s amazing how fast we come to identify with… [Read Entire Story]

Is Your Child Being Bullied? What You Can Do

No parent wants to hear that their child is being bullied. Sadly, though, it is far from a rare experience among young people in the UK. The statistics are sobering. Almost half of children and young adults claim they have been bullied at school at some point in their lives, and between 2011 and 2012 the … [Read Entire Story]

Children and Grief – When a Sibling Is Lost

Dealing with the death of a child is something we all hope to never have to face. For those of us who must, it can be a battle between coping with our own devastating grief and the struggle to know how best to deal with our surviving children. While it’s easy to just hope that children are resilient, and in some ways of course they … [Read Entire Story]

Parenting and Mental Health -Are You Taking the Right Precautions?

Much has been written about the challenges of parenting when you have an existing mental health problem. But what about the impact becoming a parent can have on mental health in general? What are the potential challenges, and how can you prepare for them and deal with them? And what about the stresses of becoming a first-time … [Read Entire Story]