How to Do Inner Work Class

Doing inner work is a central part of the process of dissolving ego attachments. If we don't know what we're attached to, we won't give up those attachments. It's simple like that.In saying that, the emphasis of inner work on the path to spiritual freedom is about letting go of things. Conversely, many people who do self improvement/self help/personal development/etc. are often trying to add things to their lives. They want to add an ability to be better at their career, be better at romance, be better at sex and intimacy, be better as a parent, and so forth. This is fine, but a it is not the path to spiritual freedom. A lot of… [Read Entire Story]

Online Spirituality Classes

As part of better serving people, I offer several different kinds of online classes to help people understand the path to spiritual freedom. You can read more about the spiritual classes below in the links below.If you want to be a part of any of them, be sure to sign up for my free newsletter. Announcements for classes and available spots go through the newsletter first, and they tend to go quickly. Be sure to add my email… [Read Entire Story]