Our Brains – Thoughts Create Our Lives

Let me ask you a question. How often do we tell ourselves things aren’t always what we think they are? In other words, there are times when our own brains just think about things so out of context that we have to tell it to be quiet. Although our brains are great at analytical things and things that require deduction or finding answers, where do we draw the line between when we should listen to our brains and when we should tell it to shut up? Here’s what I mean by that. Have you ever thought about something that you may not feel too sure about and your brain starts running through a scenario of outcomes? Sometimes these outcomes are so ridiculous, maybe even frightening… [Read Entire Story]

Failure Should not be Looked Upon as a Negative.

“The way we perceive things will be the compass to how happy or how miserable we will feel.” “..its going to be a positive day..” I’ve always believed that with each new day we all have the opportunity to make that new day a positive, productive, happy day. We owe to ourselves to try and … [Read Entire Story]