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Taking Action When Nothing Feels Right?

This is a guest post by Linda Crill. Linda is a sought after speaker, trainer, and thought leader on mastering the new leadership skills: reinvention, resiliency and chaotic creation. She is the author of Blind Curves—One Woman’s Unusual Journey to Reinvent Herself and Answer What Now? At times in life the road we are on turns into a non-ending useless loop, and we know it’s time to take … [Read Entire Story]

Obtaining Resilience

This is a guest post by Beth Brykman. Beth writes authentic and interesting works about women. In addition to books, she has written for the New England Journal of Public Policy and The Sudbury Town Crier. Her most recent book is Second Wind: The Resilience of Women. All proceeds are being donated to the anti-domestic violence organization in the book and to the Penn Center for Brain Injury and Repair. Search “Second Wind Brykman” at your e-reader store. Cancer, a double mastectomy, having her uterus and ovaries removed, gangrene: How much can one woman take? Nicole, a single mom, could obviously take a lot. Not only did she overcome her illnesses, she got promoted in the process. Paula’s husband wanted an expensive boat and a… [Read Entire Story]