What is Melancholia? And What Can We Learn From It?

by Andrea Blundell We might say we feel melancholy as we’ve read the word in a novel. And it somehow sounds like the pit of sadness we feel.  But what is melancholia, really? What is melancholia? “But it is a melancholy of mine own, compounded of many simples, extracted from many objects, and indeed the … [Read Entire Story]

Thinking vs Feeling – Which One is Holding You Back?

by Andrea Blundell Do you overanalyse everything? Or are you more the type to be an emotional wreck? Between thinking vs feeling, what one is holding you back more, and what might that mean for your mental health? Thinking vs feeling – do you really know the difference? Thoughts are mental, or ‘cognitive’, processes. Our … [Read Entire Story]

10 Habits That Lead to Low Moods (and are Easy to Overlook)

Do low moods seem to descend out of the blue? And you tell yourself it’s just ‘one of those things’? Mild depression can actually be the result of consistent habits we convince ourselves are no big deal. Habits that lead to low moods What decisions are you mindlessly making that are leaving you low? 1. … [Read Entire Story]

Apathy – Why It Matters If You Stop Caring About Anything

by Andrea Blundell The world is a mess and it’s made you stop caring. About, well…. anything. Is it okay to feel like nothing matters? Or are there times when apathy is a serious red flag? Define apathy? Apathy can be defined as a state of indifference and the inability to act. We lack motivation … [Read Entire Story]