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Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin— – How to Recognize and Set Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries bring order to our lives, strengthen our relationships with others and ourselves, and are essential to our mental and physical health. For those of us who have walked away from a conversation, meeting, or visit feeling violated and not understanding why, this book helps us recognize and set healthy boundaries. Real-life stories illustrate the [More About This Book]

Mental Fitness Cards: 100 Exercises for a Healthy Brain: Aerobics for the Mind

Take charge of your own mental fitness and keep your mind active with these 100 activity cards, designed to exercise your brain and improve your memory! Twelve challenging card categories stimulate your creative abilities.These cards can be used by individuals or small groups to keep the mind active at any age. $ 22.46

End Emotional Eating: Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills to Cope with Difficult Emotions and Develop a Healthy Relationship to Food

If you eat to help manage your emotions, you may have discovered that it doesn’t work. Once you’re done eating, you might even feel worse. Eating can all too easily become a strategy for coping with depression, anxiety, boredom, stress, and anger, and a reliable reward when it’s time to celebrate. If you are ready [More About This Book]

DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day

This inspirational book delivers messages of healing, awareness, and well-being. A companion to the popular DailyOM Website, it is a valuable guide that will enable you to find balance and wellness through conscious awareness. As you read these passages, which touch on topics including meditation, relationships, nature, and more, you’ll see that they’ll make the [More About This Book]

Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food (Includes CD)

The art of mindfulness can transform our struggles with food—and renew our sense of pleasure, appreciation, and satisfaction with eating. Drawing on recent research and integrating her experiences as a physician and meditation teacher, Dr. Jan Bays offers a wonderfully clear presentation of what mindfulness is and how it can help with food issues. Mindful [More About This Book]

Skinny vs Fat – We Need To Have A Change In Mindset

In a discussion about overweight people and how they are seen. I couldn’t help but interject my perspective about it. I see the problem of there being too many conflicting opinions out there. Altho’ doctors have proven that being overweight is unhealthy and it can be for us. Certainly being at our proper body weight for our height is key to not being susceptible to many health issues. The views that a woman who is overweight is of lower value or appreciation than a skinny woman … [Read Entire Story]


Steps for Dealing With the Triggers That Lead You Back to Your Addiction Get off the Addiction Ride to No Where! Ok, you’ve made your choice. You’ve decided to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol. You believe in going to meetings for support, you read all the material written about addictions, you’ve decided to stay away from friends that use or drink and you’re determined, this time, to make it. To not be an addict any longer. You want to wake up feeling good about living without having to pop a pill or take a drink of alcohol. Things are going ok, but could be better. You still have the “CRAVING MONSTER” on your back. You come into situations, whether negative or positive, that use to be… [Read Entire Story]