Cosmetic Surgery and Mental Health – Can You Cope?

Dream of doing an optional cosmetic procedure, in hopes it will change your life? Cosmetic surgery and mental health are deeply connected, and there are many things to consider before an operation.  The positive effects of plastic surgery When it comes to cosmetic surgery and mental health, it’s true that there can be positive results. … [Read Entire Story]

Fear of Change Cramping Your Style? Here’s Why

Secretly dread change but hate to admit it? Hardly surprising, when we live in an achievement oriented society where opportunists are admired and those who don’t like their boats rocked can be unkindly labeled lazy or boring. The truth is that even many of us who pretend we are okay with life throwing us curve balls? … [Read Entire Story]

How Good Are Your Coping Skills?

Do You Have Good Coping Skills? Life shows us that we can cope in many different ways but some of these ways are constructive and others are damaging. All content on How Good Are Your Coping Skills? belongs to Harley Therapy – Psychotherapy & Counselling Counselling Articles [Read Entire Story]