Dabo’s Safe Seat

There are a lot of reasons why the Clemson University football team is playing in the national championship game Monday night. Whether it’s Dabo’s supersized belief in his team, his courage to call a fake punt pass (that led to a first down) to a 300lb defensive lineman creating a huge momentum shift in the college playoff, great coaching by the offensive and defensive coordinators, a special and gifted QB, timely defensive stops and fortuitous plays in key games during the season, or a group of players with the rare combination of size… [Read Entire Story]

What’s Your One Word?

Each year around this time I pick a word that will inspire me to be my best. I started this practice five years ago after my friends Dan Britton and Jimmy Page told me that for almost two decades they and their wives and children came up with a word each year that gave meaning and focus to their lives. Then they gathered on New Year’s Eve and made paintings of their words that hung in their houses to remind them to live their word for… [Read Entire Story]

4 Stages of Greatness

Listen to Jon’s talk from the CMB Momentum Conference (click play below). 4 Stages of Greatness @import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans|Oswald); #wonderpluginaudio-1 box-sizing: content-box; #wonderpluginaudio-1 div -webkit-box-sizing: content-box; -moz-box-sizing: content-box; box-sizing: content-box; #wonderpluginaudio-1 .amazingaudioplayer-image { display: block; position: relative; float: left; margin: 4px; overflow: hidden; -webkit-box… [Read Entire Story]

AR Tests

Several educators have asked about AR tests for my books. Thanks to Stephen Strojny who created them, we now have a few available. See the links below: The Energy Bus The Carpenter Training Camp For an answer key, click here. [Read Entire Story]

EntreLeadership Podcast – Developing Culture

I was recently interviewed on Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Podcast where we talked about developing culture. You Can Listen Here [Read Entire Story]

Are you a Shark or a Goldfish?

If you are facing a challenge and anxious about your situation, I know how you feel. I lost my job in 2001 during the dot.com bust. The company was losing money faster than we could raise it and eventually the company sank faster than the Titanic. I thought it was the worst event of my life. I was two months away from being bankrupt. I had a wife, two young children, a mortgage, no health insurance, and very little savings. I was a paycheck away from losing it all. It sounds bad. It felt bad. At the time it was bad. But one day I decided that I wasn’t going to let this … [Read Entire Story]

Power of Appreciation

For years I searched for my 9th grade lacrosse coach, Tony Caiazza. Little did I know I was simply spelling his name wrong and that’s why I couldn’t find him. When Coach John Brubaker, a fellow writer and speaker, found his information for me, I sent Tony this email. Are you the Tony Caiazza who coached at Smithtown East? If you are, you changed my life and … [Read Entire Story]

11 Thoughts About Teamwork

1. Teams rise and fall on culture, leadership, relationships, attitude and effort. Great teams have a great culture driven by great leadership. Relationships are meaningful and teammates are connected. The collective attitude is very positive and everyone on the team works hard to accomplish their mission. 2. It’s all about teamwork. Sometimes you are the star and sometimes you help the star. 3. If want to be truly great you have to work as hard to be a great teammate as you do to be a great player. I tell this to athletes all the time but the same is true for any profession. When we work hard to be a great team member we make everyone around us better. 4. Your team doesn’t care if … [Read Entire Story]

Ways to Build Trust

In my book Soup I discussed how trust is one of the essential ingredients to build a great relationship, winning team and culture of greatness. Without trust you can’t have engaged relationships and without engaged relationships you won’t be a successful leader, manager, sales person, team member, principal, teacher, nurse, coach, etc. In this spirit… [Read Entire Story]

Win or Lose

Only one team wins the Super Bowl. For each player on the New England Patriots going to Disney World after the game there is a player on the Seattle Seahawks going home disappointed without the joy of victory. It’s a lot like life. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. … [Read Entire Story]

Choose Your Attitude

So I shared this Facebook message: “Each morning you wake up you choose your attitude and the kind of day it’s going to be!” A man sends me this message: “Must be nice to be rich so you can get up in the morning and say that. Not for us who are suffering.” I responded with this: “Oh, I have suffered in my life. I was almost bankrupt. I had no insurance for my kids, no money and lost my job. But I started saying positive statements like this and focusing on the positive, praying a lot and gave my life to God and things eventually turned around. … [Read Entire Story]

9 Tips to Help You Get Your Team on the Bus

Here are some best practices that I’ve learned working with various teams. These are strategies to overcome adversity, build positive teams, create a positive culture and more. 1. First it’s essential to have your team read the book and really make sure they read it. Mark Richt, the head coach of the… [Read Entire Story]

The No Complaining Rule

One Simple Rule is Having a Big Impact. I didn’t invent the rule. I discovered it. One day I was having lunch with Dwight Cooper, a tall, thin, mild-mannered former basketball player and coach who had spent the last 15 years building and growing a company he co-founded into one of the leading nurse staffing companies in the world. Dwight’s company, PPR, was named one of Inc. Magazines Fastest Growing Companies several times but on this day it was named one of the best companies to work for in the country and Dwight was sharing a few reasons why. Dwight told me about … [Read Entire Story]

14 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

In the spirit of MLK Day, here are 14 of my favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quotes. On this special day let’s remember they were spoken by a man who changed the world with his words and actions. As we read them let’s think about ways we can live them. LOVE "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.’ "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend." "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final… [Read Entire Story]

Top 11 Newsletters from 2014

Here is a listing of my Top 11 Newsletters from 2014 to help you kick-start 2015. Culture, Leadership & Caring Care More! The Law of Generosity Unbeatable 9 Ways to Show You Care Make Your Life into a Masterpiece Belief Feeling is More Powerful than Hearing Hall of Fame Integrity 9 Ways to be a Positive Communicator [Read Entire Story]

20 Tips for a Positive New Year 2015

Updated for 2015 1. Stay Positive. You can listen to the cynics and doubters and believe that success is impossible or you can trust that with faith and an optimistic attitude all things are possible. 2. Take a morning walk of gratitude. I call it a "Thank You Walk." It will create a fertile mind ready for success. 3. Make… [Read Entire Story]

3 Habits to Help Create Your Best Year Ever

1. Create a BFG. A Big Fun Goal. A BFG could be anything you want to experience or accomplish in 2015. It should be a BIG goal because it’s important to dream and think big. And it should also be FUN in that you have fun going after it and enjoy the process of trying to make it happen. I have found that we too often get so serious about our goals that we don’t have fun pursuing them… [Read Entire Story]

Hall of Fame Integrity

A few weeks ago I attended the Cornell University Athletic Hall of Fame dinner where 11 new people were being inducted and honored. For the record, I was not one of them. : ) As I sat in the audience and listened to the honorees give their speeches, the stories they told contained lessons that went far beyond sports and I knew I had to share a few of these gems with you. Kate Varde, a record setting softball player who graduated in 2004 didn’t talk about herself. She talked about her teammate Joanne Keck instead. Kate said, "… [Read Entire Story]

Your Caring Trademark

If you’ve followed Derek Jeter’s career and watched his improbable game winning hit in his final at bat in Yankee Stadium the other night, you know that Derek treated every at bat like it was his last and that’s what made his last at bat so special. No one worked harder, played with more passion or cared more about playing and honoring the game of baseball than Derek Jeter. Jeter&#… [Read Entire Story]

Success Story: Oasis Outsourcing

Last year I had the privilege of speaking at the World Leaders Conference. During my time there I met Timothy Pratte from Oasis Outsourcing. After the conference Tim sent me this Success Story below. I hope it inspires you and your team. – Jon Oasis Outsourcing is one of the largest payroll outsourcing companies in the US. We pay more than 140,000 employees. Our… [Read Entire Story]

Do It Because You Love It. Don’t Do It For Applause.

Almost every day I receive questions from readers of my books and attendees of speaking engagements. Below is a question that I recently received. I wanted to share it with you in hopes that my answer might benefit you as well. – Jon QUESTION: I am looking for some advice to give to my 8 year old daughter. She was in a vocal competition yesterday and although she sang beautifully she did not place – so no ribbon. She was mortified and all … [Read Entire Story]

Life and Death

Two weeks ago my family and I were on a plane from LAX heading to Atlanta. Shortly after taking off and soaring above 10,000 feet the plane abruptly slowed down and the power went out as the pilot spoke over the sound system, “We’re experiencing a mechanical failure and heading back for an emergency landing.” The next moment the plane descended so rapidly that my head hurt and I thought we were going down. I looked at my wife and son, who were sitting to the left and a few rows back since we couldn’t… [Read Entire Story]

Success Story: High School Student Making Positive Change

I recently received this encouraging note and article below from a high school student named Hannah Jennings. Hannah gave me permission to share this because she wants to help other teens going through similar challenges. It inspired me and I hope it will inspire you. -Jon My name is Hannah Jennings. I go to Spirit Lake High School. I’m an aspiring author plus much… [Read Entire Story]


I use to think that belief was the first step to success. But now I know that the first step is to take the first step. You have to act even when you don’t believe. You need to have the courage to move forward in spite of your self-doubt and fears. When I started writing and speaking over ten years ago I had no confidence, no experience and no belief and yet I was willing to take the first step. Did I fail? You bet. Did I face ridicule and rejection? You bet. Did I want to give… [Read Entire Story]