House or apartment – which is best for fitness?

If you live in a house, it’s much easier to keep fit. Here are 11 reasons why? File this under “Things the COVID-19 pandemic taught me.” One of the defining attributes of the pandemic has been weight gain. In fact, 61% of US adults experienced undesired weight change in the first year of the pandemic. Most of that was weight gain. Some of the loss might be because so many people got sick. Some might have been due to stress. Most of the weight gain was likely … [Read Entire Story]

Three reasons why wearing a mask protects you from coronavirus

Experts will tell you that a mask doesn’t protect the person who wears it from coronavirus and COVID-19. But the experts are wrong. Here are three reasons why. what does dissertation meanhow to write a literature review for a dissertation you’ve been paying any attention around you over the past few months, you will have heard the experts switch their advice on wearing masks several times. Maybe wear masks. Don’t wear masks. Wear masks. The one message that has been (relatively) consistent is that wearing a mask will protect people around you, but not you. That statement is half right. And half … [Read Entire Story]

Unintended consequences of technology

Ooh, we love our technology. But sometimes there are unintended consequences, and here are some of them. Every new technology has a purpose. Nobody invents things for no reason. But many technologies have unintended consequences. They change society in some way that nobody foresaw, not even the inventors. The example I often use is air conditioning. What an amazing invention, saving people from withering in summer’s heat. The reason to invent air conditioning was to make us more comfortable. But what else did it end up doing? Air conditioning By making the indoors more comfortable, people got an incentive to spend more time indoors. And … [Read Entire Story]

What makes a great fitness logo?

A new fitness business has a story to tell. That story starts with the right logo. If you are thinking of entering the fitness business, one of the first things you’ll need to come up with is a logo. A logo is the visual representation of your business. It is not your brand. Your brand is what people think of you and how they feel about you. But your logo is a visual representation of your brand. Not all fitness brands are the same. Not all fitness logos should be the same. At the most basic level, there are different types of fitness businesses: gyms coaching fitness supplies specific activities If you want to run a specific activity, that narrows down your logo… [Read Entire Story]

The non-dairy Canada’s food guide 2019 – it’s about time

Yes, the new Canada’s food guide does away with the “dairy” category. Here’s why that’s a good thing. I’m a huge dairy fan. I drink two glasses of milk per day. Our household consumes more mozzarella than the average pizza parlor. I go through a 600-gram round of brie each month. Then there’s the ricotta, some yogurt and … [Read Entire Story]

Canada’s food guide 2019 – finally science-based healthy eating guidelines!

The new Canada’s food guide is the first that puts the science of healthy eating squarely before politics. Here’s what’s new in the Canadian food guide. The new Canada’s food guide has generated a lot of buzz. Much of the buzz has focused on reducing the four food groups to three, replacing the “Milk and Alternatives” and “Meat and Alternatives” food groups with “protein foods”. What is Canada’s food guide? It is a guide that everybody, young and old, can use to ensure they are eating a reasonably healthy plate of food. These are… [Read Entire Story]

Top tips to eat healthy on a budget

Want to start eating healthier, but don’t have a big food budget? With a little planning and some tweaks to how you think about cooking, you can make it happen. I work on certain principles for healthy eating: Be a pig with veggies. When in doubt, eat as close to natural as possible. … [Read Entire Story]

Get fit, not broke

Fitness doesn’t have to cost a lot.  Here are some tips to get fit from free to not-very-expensive. If you are ready to get your body into shape, but your resources are slim, you’re not alone. Many people think it takes money to get into shape and enjoy living. Not so. While there are ways to spend money getting fit, you can do it yourself on much less money than you might think. Not all gyms are created equal If you lack the willpower … [Read Entire Story]

Take a break!

We work long hours and rarely take enough breaks for our own well-being or for our productivity. Let’s explore the types of breaks we should be taking. For a “leisure society” who has it all (let’s face it, we are spoiled in so many ways), we sure seem to be a bunch of workaholics. I won’t delve into the psychology of this contradiction. But I will make a plea for taking breaks. Take… [Read Entire Story]

Mental Fitness Cards: 100 Exercises for a Healthy Brain: Aerobics for the Mind

Take charge of your own mental fitness and keep your mind active with these 100 activity cards, designed to exercise your brain and improve your memory! Twelve challenging card categories stimulate your creative abilities.These cards can be used by individuals or small groups to keep the mind active at any age. $ 22.46

Exercise Fitness & Motivation Hypnotherapy

This superb high quality hypnotherapy CD by the UK’s best selling hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold, combines powerful clinical hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology. There are two Hypnotherapy sessions on the CD. Track one is a 30 minute hypnotherapy track that will help you build a powerful desire to exercise regularly by [More About This Book]

Skip to the loo

Evidence over the past two decades has weighed in heavily on the pivotal role that a modern, sedentary lifestyle plays in obesity. My solution is to skip to the loo. One of the reasons people these days are so unfit compared to just a generation or two ago is that we have become quite sedentary. We spend our work days in front of a screen. We spend our leisure time in front of another screen. And too many channels on TV means more butt time and less foot time. We simply don’t move enough. Those of us with some ambition go to the gym to work out… [Read Entire Story]

Are warning labels on food a good idea?

Every now and then we hear people calling for warning labels on food with high salt, sugar or fat content. Is this a good idea? We have all heard about the evils of salt, sugar and fat.  All of these are good in moderation, and are found in almost everything we eat.  But our modern packaged-food society seems to get an overdose of all three; most packaged foods have extra salt, sugar and fat added to provide artificial taste, texture and preservation. In case you’ve been living with your head in the sand, here are the evils of salt. Here are the evils of sugar. Here are the evils of fat. Wow.  With all this evil in our food, shouldn’t … [Read Entire Story]

Review: Yummy Young rice tea

Yummy Young rice tea by Karma Kisses got three thumbs up from our review panel, but they were unable to agree on what that intoxicating aroma was. It came via courier, a plain brown paper wrapped around with packing slip paperwork. Inside was a box, and inside was a fancier box. Not garish, but nice and classy. You can see the presentation in the photos below.  When the review panel opened … [Read Entire Story]

Six Sneaky Juicing Diet Tips

Are you considering a juicing diet? Juicing makes a very powerful supplement to a normal, healthy diet.  Here are some handy tips to help you juice your way to a better you. Juicing is certainly not new, but recently it has taken off as new nutritional fads like the Paleo diet include juicing and CrossFit enthusiasts have taken to juicing, too. Fruits and vegetables are essential … [Read Entire Story]

Guilt-Free Eating over Christmas

Christmas dinner and Christmas snacking and…oh, how we put on the pounds. Here are some tips to have a lighter Christmas, without missing out on all the fun. Christmas is a time for celebrating.  For most of us, celebrating means eating with family and friends – usually eating way too much. It is a special time of year, and restricting yourself while everyone else is eating only makes… [Read Entire Story]

Why Use Protein Shakes?

Protein comes in many forms, but sometimes it is the most accessible form that’s best.  Let’s look at protein shakes, which are the quick-and-easy form of protein. There are many great reasons why protein shakes, as part of a balanced and healthy diet, can be very beneficial to the body, especially when it comes to gaining muscle mass. It’s all about drinking the right type of shake at the right time. However there’s a lot of unhelpful advice floating around the Internet these days. It’s only fair to warn you that some people have… [Read Entire Story]

Protein Powder – not just for shakes! (Bonus: Protein Power Pumpkin Soup Recipe)

Inexpensive and versatile, protein powder is a great way to top up the protein you might be missing from your diet without breaking your budget. It goes into almost any liquid or semi-liquid food, including the creamy pumpkin soup recipe in this article. I wrote earlier about the price of various sources of protein.  One of the … [Read Entire Story]

DIY healthcare

Once upon a time, healthcare was the mysterious domain of trained professionals.  Today, we are taking healthcare into our own hands.  This should not replace professional medical treatment, but rather enhance it. We are all interested in looking after our health and making sure we are up to date with the latest self-help medical care. But when does it all go too far? As an average Joe like me, you might be comfortable diagnosing yourself with the common cold or a migraine, and seeking relevant treatment, but how far can this be taken? Treating consistent problems For those of us with recurring conditions, like high blood … [Read Entire Story]

Wild Rosemary Ledum Palustre and Homeopathy

This is a post sponsored by The Vitamin Shoppe and written by our friend Debby Bruck. The homeopathic remedy of wild rosemary or marsh tea, called Ledum palustre in the Ericaceae family, has been used to deter disease transmission, act as a relief agent or a protective spray in the garden or as a pet flea repellent for hundreds of years. The Vitamin Shoppe carries the form of Ledum, which has gone through a dilution and potentization process transforming it to a powerful immune stimulant. Wobbley Picklet reminds us not to confuse Ledum with our common garden … [Read Entire Story]

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise and Lose Weight

Losing weight can be difficult and whilst it is easy to start on a weight loss program, it can be hard to follow through until you get the results you want.  In order to motivate yourself to keep up your exercise and lose weight, you may need to develop some tricks to focus yourself on what you want to achieve.  Here are some tips that may help to motivate you to get off the couch, kick start your weight loss and keep it going. 1. Set small, realistic goals Large long term goals are overwhelming and often lead to dropping out or giving up.  Unrealistic weight loss goals are also… [Read Entire Story]

Breathe Some Life Into Your Life

Relief from anxiety in 19 seconds? A free method for increased energy, improved blood circulation, reduced swelling, and improved complexion? Studies prove that simply learning how to breathe correctly can have these remarkable effects throughout your body. Breathing correctly can be as powerful as it is simple. The typical person only uses around twenty percent of their lung capacity, but with practice, they can learn how to tap into their lung’s full potential. Sending better oxygen content to all the cells of the body can bring dramatic changes in general health and mood. Famous health guru, Dr. … [Read Entire Story]

Getting your child to be active

Even though technology has had a very positive effect on our today’s world, there are other negative impacts that it has brought about. Due to technology many indoor games have been created which have highly led our children to become very lazy. Nowadays, many children prefer to stay on the computer playing video games rather The post Getting your child to be active appeared first on Healthy Mind Heart Body. [Read Entire Story]

A Walk in the Woods – saving money and getting fit

One thing about being a parent is the incredible array of expensive things children can ask to do, such as theme parks, go-carts, movies, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, etc.  But there are still plenty of old-fashioned freebies that don’t cost an entry fee plus a round of four-dollar drinks, such as the traditional walk in the wood. If your child is like my 11-year-old…  “Let’s go!” If your child is like my… [Read Entire Story]