Weight Gain and Depression – How Connected are They?

Feeling depressed that you’ve gained weight from all the lockdowns lately? Or is it really that you were already a bit depressed, and that’s why you turned so easily to food? Weight gain and depression are often closely linked. Did gaining weight make me depressed? Yes, it can feel defeating to realise none of your … [Read Entire Story]

Emotional Self Regulation – Struggle to Stay Calm?

Act before you think? Say things only to regret all? Explode your emotions onto others despite promising not to? Your issue might be emotional self-regulation. What is emotional self regulation? Emotional self-regulation is psychology speak for an ability to control your emotional responses in an acceptable and productive way. You know how to take charge … [Read Entire Story]

Why Can’t I Just Eat Healthy? The Psychology of Food Choices

Wellbeing is the buzz word in psychology lately, with the connection between physical and mental health increasingly made. Healthy eating is an obvious part of the self-care equation, and most of us know what that involves. So why do so many of us struggle to make healthy food choices despite knowing how to eat well?  Are you using … [Read Entire Story]