Cosmetic Surgery and Mental Health – Can You Cope?

Dream of doing an optional cosmetic procedure, in hopes it will change your life? Cosmetic surgery and mental health are deeply connected, and there are many things to consider before an operation.  The positive effects of plastic surgery When it comes to cosmetic surgery and mental health, it’s true that there can be positive results. … [Read Entire Story]

“Why Am I So Mean to My Partner?”

by Andrea Blundell Nice to others, but once you are alone with your partner, another side roars out? Keep asking yourself, ‘why am I so mean to my partner?’ Why can’t I stop being so mean?  It’s a loaded question. And the answer might be something entirely different than you expect. It also varies depending … [Read Entire Story]

Living with BPD: a Borderline Personality Disorder Case Study

Curious if you have borderline personality disorder? Actress and columnist Nicola Thorp shares her personal experience of living with BPD, from getting a diagnosis, attending therapy, and navigating symptoms. What is it like to have BPD? “I started having what I refer to as ‘episodes’ when I was around six years old. They would usually … [Read Entire Story]

Your Rest and Reward System – Can it Help With Lockdown Life?

by Rob Stanley A vital aspect of lockdown life and mental health that we need to understand is the concept of our personal rest cycle and reward system. Your reward system We all know what rest is and why it is important. Good sleep is essential to mental and physical wellbeing. But what about our … [Read Entire Story]

How to Reach out To Someone Struggling This Holiday (And Not Make Things Worse)

by Andrea Blundell It’s been a tough year, to say the least, with more anxiety and depression going around than usual thanks to the pandemic. And perhaps you want to reach out to someone whose mental health you are worried about this holiday season.  How to reach out to others this holiday season  Reaching out … [Read Entire Story]

Can’t See Family this Covid Christmas? Surviving Being Homesick or Alone

Yes, some people are celebrating the ‘Covid Christmas window’ that means they can be with their entire family. But for others of us, who have family overseas, wary or vulnerable family members, or just coronavirus anxiety ourselves, Christmas is going to be spent alone.  5 Ways to Navigate a Covid Christmas  So how to navigate … [Read Entire Story]

Community Services Example Counselling Role Play

10 Habits That Lead to Low Moods (and are Easy to Overlook)

Do low moods seem to descend out of the blue? And you tell yourself it’s just ‘one of those things’? Mild depression can actually be the result of consistent habits we convince ourselves are no big deal. Habits that lead to low moods What decisions are you mindlessly making that are leaving you low? 1. … [Read Entire Story]

Running High on the US Election Results? What Client Centered Therapy Needs You to Know

by Rob Stanley The unfolding of the USA election resulting in a win for Biden continues to be an emotional experience for many, and a source of division, even amongst family and friends. It’s the perfect moment to heed the wisdom of Carl Rogers, the founding father of client centered therapy. A groundbreaking leader in … [Read Entire Story]

The Difference Between Counselling & Clinical Psychology

How to Get Things Done – Psychology Hacks That Help

You’ve read all the productivity guides, you know all the top time hacks…. and yet something still stops you every time. Can psychology help you get things done? And what mental health disorders and issues might be the real problem?  Why is it I just can’t move forward? There are actual mental health disorders, like … [Read Entire Story]

What is Postpartum Psychosis? Symptoms and Treatment

Have you had mental health problems in the past? Or a diagnosis or schizophrenia or bipolar disorder? Planning on having children, and worried about possible repercussions? The risk of postpartum psychosis is small but important.  What is postpartum psychosis? Postpartum psychosis, also called ‘postnatal psychosis’ and ‘puerperal psychosis,’ sees a mother experience a break with … [Read Entire Story]

When Working From Home Stops Being Fun – 7 New Reasons You Feel Low

by Andrea Blundell You’ve read all the articles about how to make working from home a success and you were loving the experience. You’ve created a routine, worked out boundaries with your partner who also works at home, exercise daily, and you ‘turn off’ at the end of the day.  But the truth is, you … [Read Entire Story]

Always Feeling Regretful? When It’s More Than Bad Choices

by Andrea Blundell Left feeling regretful with every decision you make? With a sense of sorrow for all the things that might have been? Is regret always a bad thing? Sometimes we really do make a bad decision, and our regret guides us to change for the better. If we, say, lie [Read Entire Story]

9 Ways to Handle Feeling Hurt

Has someone you loved betrayed you? A friend left you feeling rejected? Or a colleague let you down? What can you do if you are left feeling hurt? What to Do If You Are Feeling Hurt 1. Let yourself feel what you need to feel.   Repressing our emotions can be like keeping a beach … [Read Entire Story]

How to Help a Friend with Anxiety

by Andrea Blundell Your friend is so worked up over something, you worry they are about to have a panic attack. How can you help a friend with anxiety? How to recognise anxiety Stress is a logical response to overwhelm. Your friend or loved one will have a reason for their stress. Their boss has … [Read Entire Story]

Lying in Relationships – Is it Really a Big Deal?

by Andrea Blundell How serious is lying in relationships – are you overreacting? And why do you keep attracting liars? Do we all lie? An oft-quoted American study on how often we lie a day came in at between once to twice (1.65 times, to be exact). It’s true that lying is part of the … [Read Entire Story]

Why Does Love Hurt? And How to Make it Stop

by Andrea Blundell Just out of a relationship, or love someone who doesn’t love you back? And can’t keep wondering, why does love hurt?  Why does love hurt? Feeling ‘in emotional pain’ isn’t just you being dramatic. Researchers have discovered that your brain processes emotional upset with the same brain circuitry that processes physical injury. … [Read Entire Story]

Ignorance Is Bliss – Or is It? The Cost of Playing Dumb

By Andrea Blundell “Ignorance is bliss”. Is it true? Or do we need to examine our belief that what we don’t know won’t hurt us, particularly when it comes to things like racism and inequality? What is ignorance, really? It’s easy to say that ignorance is simply ‘not knowing’. But sociology would argue otherwise. Ignorance … [Read Entire Story]

Reaching Out Hard? 12 Keys to Getting Support

by Andrea Blundell Read advice that tells you that if you feel low, just ‘reach out’? But attempts you have made (if any) have gone poorly and left you feeling bad? Reaching out is a skill that not all of us learned as a child or were encouraged to do. On a good note, skills … [Read Entire Story]

On Each Other’s Nerves? How to Navigate “Coronavirus Relationship Conflict”

by Andrea Blundell Is being cooped up during a pandemic about to ruin your relationship? How to navigate conflict when self-isolating together? 10 Ways to Navigate Conflict in Lockdown 1. Lower expectations. Thought coronavirus lockdown would be a time of great bonding, only to find it’s a time of great bickering? Cut yourself and the … [Read Entire Story]

Personal Power – 11 Ways to Grow Yours

by Andrea Blundell Want more personal power? Or just to stop feeling so helpless and lost? But not sure where to start?  What is personal power? Personal power is not about controlling others. This is social power. Personal power is instead about being totally detached from others and their opinions, and instead attached to your … [Read Entire Story]

When Do Bad Habits Become Addictions?

by Andrea Blundell Have a sneaky feeling that one of your bad habits might be getting out of control? It’s worth learning the difference between habit and addiction. But it’s not addictive Isn’t it? Just because your behaviour is not a typical addiction like alcohol, drugs, or gambling, or because everyone else around you uses … [Read Entire Story]

Keep Making the Same Mistake Again and Again?

From small things like continuing to overspend when you know you are in debt, to bigger issues like picking unhealthy relationships every time, what is it that drives you to keep making the same mistake?  Blame it on Your Brain? Our brains might be designed to repeat mistakes, creating what are called ‘mistake pathways’. Although … [Read Entire Story]