What are the Different Types of Stress You Need to Know?

Wondering if you need to worry about your stress levels? Knowing the different types of stress can help. Why know the types of stress? Stress, if we take the time to examine it, has an identifiable cause. And with the right support and approach, stress can be dealt with and improved, before it risks becoming … [Read Entire Story]

Are Good Intentions Enough?

by Andrea Blundell “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” according to an unknown proverb. Would psychologists beg to differ?  The meaning of intention What are we really talking about when we talk about our intentions? It  refers to the reasons we do things. Of course [Read Entire Story]

Lack Self-Discipline? Here’s Why (and How to Fix It)

by Andrea Blundell Have the best of intentions? But terrible carry through? Why is it that some of us seem born with self-discipline, and the rest of us flounder? The holy grail of self-control Self-discipline, along with conscientiousness and perseverance, are a triad that form the ‘holy grail’ of self-control, a hot topic right across … [Read Entire Story]

What is Neuroticism? And is this Your Personality?

Have you been called neurotic? And are left wondering, “what is neuroticism, really?” What is neuroticism? Imagine a line. On one end of the line is a perfectly balanced person. Always emotionally calm and centred, they feel safe and confident in the world. On the other end is someone who is so overwhelmed by their emotions [&# [Read Entire Story]

How to Be More Patient – With Life, Others, and Yourself

Often feel frustrated? Or known for giving up or changing your mind? How to be more patient if it’s not your natural state of being? The art of patience Patience is the art of staying calm and waiting it out, even when we are frustrated or are facing obstacles. Having patience is desirable because it … [Read Entire Story]

Fear of the Unknown – Can’t Stand the Suspense?

Overwhelmed with anxiety when you think of what lies ahead for yourself, your family, and the world? Or at something like the thought of starting a new job or new school? Is fear of the unknown your problem? What is fear of the unknown? The past year has given a perfect example of what fear … [Read Entire Story]

Thinking vs Feeling – Which One is Holding You Back?

by Andrea Blundell Do you overanalyse everything? Or are you more the type to be an emotional wreck? Between thinking vs feeling, what one is holding you back more, and what might that mean for your mental health? Thinking vs feeling – do you really know the difference? Thoughts are mental, or ‘cognitive’, processes. Our … [Read Entire Story]

Your Living Space and Your Mental Health – 7 Ways to Make it Work

by Andrea Blundell If ever there was a time to make sure your living space wasn’t negatively affecting your mental health, a lockdown would be it. 7 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Living Space How can you make sure your home isn’t bringing you down? 1. Take an honest appraisal of your home’s health. It’s well … [Read Entire Story]

Feel Like Giving Up? How to Keep Going on Days You Just Can’t

by Andrea Blundell Totally overwhelmed more often than not lately? Feel like giving up? It’s not an easy time in the world, and if this is combining with personal problems, it can just feel too much. 7 Things to do when you feel like giving up How can you keep going when it feels too … [Read Entire Story]

The Freeze Response – Known to Numb Out Under Stress?

When bad things happen, does your mind suddenly go blank? Do you feel tired? And just end up not responding? Your brain might use ‘the freeze response’ in the face of stress. Fight or flight The way we respond to perceived danger was long called the ‘fight of flight’ response. This idea was coined way … [Read Entire Story]

“Why do I Always Have Bad Luck”? (Hint: It Might Be You)

By Andrea Blundell Always have bad luck compared to everyone around you? Feel like you were born under a bad star? And spend your life telling everyone who will listen one unbelievable story after another? Why is it you are always the unlucky one? You might have more control over this than you think. Bad … [Read Entire Story]

How to Have More Energy This Year

by Andrea Blundell Exhausted by the pandemic? Wish you knew how to have more energy this year? How to have more energy even when the world is a mess We all know about sleep, exercise, and eating well. And even about yoga, and deep breathing. But what are some psychological ways to [Read Entire Story]

Bit of a Christmas Grinch This Year? How to Handle Festive Fury

By Andrea Blundell Do the holidays make you miserable? Known to get a bit, well… snappy? Being a Christmas grinch happens. And it can even be a positive if you know how to handle it. I hate Christmas Cut yourself some slack. It’s perfectly okay to not like the holidays. If we don’t, we tend … [Read Entire Story]

Midlife Crisis, Depression, or Anxiety? How to Tell the Difference

By Andrea Blundell Somewhere between aged 40 to 60 and not been feeling yourself? Uncertain if it’s a midlife crisis, anxiety, or depression? Midlife and mood disorders A midlife crisis is a standalone issue, as are depression and anxiety. But they can be bedmates. Midlife can involve difficult realisations about mortality and what [Read Entire Story]

Psychological Flexibility – What it Is and Why You Need It

by Andrea Blundell Psychological flexibility is arguably a fundamental aspect of good mental health. But what is it exactly, and how can you have more of it? What is psychological flexibility? “A healthy person is someone who can manage themselves in the uncertain, unpredictable world around them, where novelty and change are the norm rather … [Read Entire Story]

Oversharing Syndrome – the Truth About Too Much Info

by Andrea Blundell Oversharing can feel good in the moment, but can have not so great consequences. So why do we keep doing it? Compulsive vs intentional oversharing Yes, we can all purposely overshare when we are outraged or upset, and want people on our side. And you just have to look at social media … [Read Entire Story]

Running High on the US Election Results? What Client Centered Therapy Needs You to Know

by Rob Stanley The unfolding of the USA election resulting in a win for Biden continues to be an emotional experience for many, and a source of division, even amongst family and friends. It’s the perfect moment to heed the wisdom of Carl Rogers, the founding father of client centered therapy. A groundbreaking leader in … [Read Entire Story]

Always Complaining? – Moaning and Mental Health

by Andrea Blundell Complaining about something you’ve been holding onto for ages with a good friend leaves you feeling better. But when a colleague and you complain with each other about your boss yet again, you feel drained. What does it all mean? In the end, is moaning good or bad for you? It does … [Read Entire Story]

How to Get Things Done – Psychology Hacks That Help

You’ve read all the productivity guides, you know all the top time hacks…. and yet something still stops you every time. Can psychology help you get things done? And what mental health disorders and issues might be the real problem?  Why is it I just can’t move forward? There are actual mental health disorders, like … [Read Entire Story]

Apathy – Why It Matters If You Stop Caring About Anything

by Andrea Blundell The world is a mess and it’s made you stop caring. About, well…. anything. Is it okay to feel like nothing matters? Or are there times when apathy is a serious red flag? Define apathy? Apathy can be defined as a state of indifference and the inability to act. We lack motivation … [Read Entire Story]

Confused Thoughts – Worried You Are ‘Losing Your Mind’?

Do you have confused thoughts lately? Worried about what it might mean for your mental health? What is confused thinking? We all at some point have an overly busy mind.  Research now shows that confusion is, for example, part of the brain’s way of learning.  If you recognise that your strange or confused thoughts are just … [Read Entire Story]

Accepting What Is – Is It Really a Good Idea?

by Andrea Blundell Does your life always have a conflict or two on the go? Constantly dreaming of being somewhere else? Or fighting your way forward? Accepting what is could be a tool you need. What is acceptance? In psychology, acceptance is closely linked to allowing, and to the present moment. What is happening right … [Read Entire Story]

Emotional Self Regulation – What is it All About?

Act before you think? Say things only to regret all? Explode your emotions onto others despite promising not to? Your issue might be emotional self-regulation. What is emotional self regulation? Emotional self-regulation is psychology speak for an ability to control your emotional responses in an acceptable and productive way. You know how to take charge … [Read Entire Story]

Emotional Regulation Skills – How Not to Be at the Mercy of Your Feelings

Do your emotions see you acting out before you can stop yourself? Known for being impulsive, or even volatile? Emotional regulation skills don’t come naturally for everyone, but can be learned.  What is emotional self-regulation? In our previous article, ‘Emotional Self-Regulation – Struggle to Stay Calm?”, we explained how it’s your ability to monitor and … [Read Entire Story]