10 Signs of Emotional Maturity – Do You Measure Up?

by Andrea Blundell Yes, we might be grownups in these parts, at least physically. Emotional maturity can come far, far later…. Or we might not even quite be there yet. What is emotional maturity, really, and do you have it? What is emotional maturity? Emotional maturity means we are responsible for, and in control of, … [Read Entire Story]

Emotional Regulation Skills – How Not to Be at the Mercy of Your Feelings

Do your emotions see you acting out before you can stop yourself? Known for being impulsive, or even volatile? Emotional regulation skills don’t come naturally for everyone, but can be learned.  What is emotional self-regulation? In our previous article, ‘Emotional Self-Regulation – Struggle to Stay Calm?”, we explained how it’s your ability to monitor and … [Read Entire Story]

Emotional Self Regulation – Struggle to Stay Calm?

Act before you think? Say things only to regret all? Explode your emotions onto others despite promising not to? Your issue might be emotional self-regulation. What is emotional self regulation? Emotional self-regulation is psychology speak for an ability to control your emotional responses in an acceptable and productive way. You know how to take charge … [Read Entire Story]

Nice Until You’re Not? How to Control Your Temper

Next time, I will stay calm. I’ll do things better. I won’t say things I’ll regret. I really will walk away or hang up the phone before I get dramatic and make a fool of myself. I won’t hurt him or her again… Sound familiar? If so, you might be one of the many of … [Read Entire Story]

Anger in Children – How Can You Help?

Anger can be perplexing enough in your partner or family member. But what about your child? What can you do if you have an angry kid? And what are the possible reasons he or she became so angry in the first place? Why is my child so angry? We all have an inbuilt primal response of self protection. For … [Read Entire Story]

12 Steps to Overcoming Bitterness

Anger involves outrage followed by action, as you decide how best to handle your situation. Bitterness can feel worse than anger because it involves feeling helpless. Referred to as ’embitterment’ in psychology circles, bitterness happens when you feel there is no action left to take because everything is out of your control. While it might be … [Read Entire Story]

Dance of Anger: A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships

The renowned classic and New York Times bestseller Anger is something we feel. It exists for a reason and always deserves our respect and attention. We all have a right to everything we feel—and certainly our anger is no exception. “Anger is a signal and one worth listening to,” writes Dr. Harriet Lerner in her [More About This Book]

Bitterness – Why It Is a Real Psychological Concern

The job you spent years waiting to be promoted into is given to a new employee. The partner you loved leaves you for another. The friend you trusted runs off with your savings you lent them in good faith. There are endless reasons why you might be sure you deserve to spend the rest of your … [Read Entire Story]

Indigo Teen Dreams: 2 CD Set Designed to Decrease Stress, Anger, Anxiety while Increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness (Indigo Dreams)

Now teens can explore relaxation music and research-based, stress management techniques with 2 CDs from the Indigo Dreams Series, by Lori Lite. (i)The American Psychological Association shows that teen stress has increased to epidemic levels and called it a medical health hazard. As parents, we often underestimate the impact stress has on our teens. Indigo [More About This Book]

Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames

It was under the bodhi tree in India twenty-five centuries ago that Buddha achieved the insight that three states of mind were the source of all our unhappiness: wrong knowing, obsessive desire, and anger. All are difficult, but in one instant of anger&#151one of the most powerful emotions&#151lives can be ruined, and health and spiritual [More About This Book]

Is Repressed Anger the Real Reason Your Life Feels Stuck?

Are you the sort who likes to say, “I never get angry?” But at the same time, are you also the sort who can’t get ahead in life, has trouble feeling energised and happy, perhaps feel like colleagues don’t like you or pick on you, and who constantly has the flu or a cold? It … [Read Entire Story]

How to Manage Your Anger After a Breakup

Going through a divorce or breakup is never easy, and it can be difficult not to feel hard done by. Anger and resentments towards the ex you once loved can build quickly. The problem is that anger, while a useful emotion in many ways, left to run rampant is also a form of stress. It … [Read Entire Story]

How to express your feelings without fear

Many people “swallow” their feelings, driven by their low self-esteem and ego, while some demand from others to guess their feelings…! Even if you’re trapped, frustrated or upset, express yourself freely in your own way! You may worry about the conflict with the people close to you or about rejection and may not be able to admit that you are being overwhelmed with envy, anger or … [Read Entire Story]

How We Handle Anger

An old Japanese tale goes, a belligerent samurai once challenged a Zen master to explain the concept of heaven and hell. But the monk replied with scorn, “you’re nothing but a lout…I can’t waste my time with the likes of you!” His very honor attacked, the samurai flew into a rage and pulling his sword from it’s scabbard, yelled, “I could kill you for your impertinence!” That, the monk calmly replied, is hell. Startled at seeing the truth in what the master pointed out about the fury that had him in it’s grip, the samurai calmed down, sheathed his sword, and bowed, thanking the monk for his insight. And that, said the monk…is heaven. Anger is a trap. When we allow ourselves to… [Read Entire Story]

Mustering the Courage to Face Our Dark Side.

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss Psychiatrist, named our dark side ‘the shadow.’ He taught that when we do not recognize our shadow side, or are unwilling to look at it, it tends to become demonic. We need to realize that our fears are apart of that shadow side. And when we do not bring those fears to light, they do tend to take us over in ways that seem crazy or demonic. Fear is expressed in a thousand ways. Fear is closely related to apprehension, uneasiness, anxiety and out and out panic. Fear is behind rigidity, intolerance and fanaticism. Fear is at the root of indecisiveness and hesitancy to take action. Fear is behind much of our disorganization, disorderliness or sloppiness, or their… [Read Entire Story]