Avengers Endgame and the Failure to Grieve

Death.It is a fundamental part of our existence. This is one of my many human truths that we must realize and surrender to. In surrender, it is very natural to grieve.However, acceptance of death and grief are not things that I've found many Continue Reading

Promiscuity and Depression – Can Casual Sex Bring You Down?

Into casual sex, but then suffer from low moods? And wonder if your promiscuity and depression might be at all connected? Does casual sex affect your mood? It’s challenging for psychologists to study casual sex. They obviously have to rely on Continue Reading

Re-Entry Anxiety – Does ‘Getting Back to Normal’ Leave You Cold?

by Hugh Wilson After a year of lockdowns and social distancing, we’re all ready to leap back into our stalled social lives and make up for lost time, right? Not necessarily. Welcome to the rise of ‘re-entry anxiety‘. What is Continue Reading

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Skills

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Imagine There Was No Stigma to Mental Illness | Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman | TEDxCharlottesville

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Online Spirituality Classes

As part of better serving people, I offer several different kinds of online classes to help people understand the path to spiritual freedom. You can read more about the spiritual classes below in the links below.If you want to be a part of any of Continue Reading

What is Neuroticism? And is this Your Personality?

Have you been called neurotic? And are left wondering, “what is neuroticism, really?” What is neuroticism? Imagine a line. On one end of the line is a perfectly balanced person. Always emotionally calm and centred, they feel safe and Continue Reading

How to Be More Patient – With Life, Others, and Yourself

Often feel frustrated? Or known for giving up or changing your mind? How to be more patient if it’s not your natural state of being? The art of patience Patience is the art of staying calm and waiting it out, even when we are frustrated or are Continue Reading

Wellbeing For Children: Confidence And Self-Esteem

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What is a Mental Health Crisis?

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Impermanence and Sandcastles

Way back in 2011, I wrote a blog post called "How to Build Your Sandcastle." It's about how spiritual awakening shows us that our egos are nothing but temporary structures.During some of the more active phases of ego dissolution, it feels like water Continue Reading

Journey From Abuse – 2021 Edition

The post Journey From Abuse – 2021 Edition appeared first on Getting Past Your Breakup. Read entire story here. Continue Reading

What is Disordered Thinking? And Is It a ‘Thought Disorder’?

Are you thoughts so jumbled you are worried there might be something wrong? Disordered thinking is often related to diagnosable and treatable mental health disorders.  What is disordered thinking? It is what it sounds like — thinking that has become Continue Reading

What Sarcasm Means About Your Mental Health

by Andrea Blundell Known for your wit and humour? But of the sarcastic kind? What does sarcasm mean about you, really? The meaning of sarcastic Sarcasm is far more than just being funny.  It’s clear even in the dictionary definition of, Continue Reading

Normani – Motivation (Official Video)

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FOCUS ON YOU – Jim Rohn | Motivation Speech For Personal Development

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It’s a Major Nothing Event!

Too many spiritual people are busy trying to create massive, orgasmic spiritual experiences out of lingerie and bad ideas. And even if something momentarily happens, the person is inevitably confused by the temporariness of the experience. It comes. Continue Reading

Intro to Spiritual Awakening Class

The overwhelming interest in my intro to spiritual freedom class has led me to create another class: intro to spiritual awakening.In this class, I'll answer some common questions such as:What is a spiritual awakening?Why do people want one?What Continue Reading

What is Melancholia? And What Can We Learn From It?

by Andrea Blundell We might say we feel melancholy as we’ve read the word in a novel. And it somehow sounds like the pit of sadness we feel.  But what is melancholia, really? What is melancholia? “But it is a melancholy of mine own, compounded of Continue Reading

10 Signs of Emotional Maturity – Do You Measure Up?

by Andrea Blundell Yes, we might be grownups in these parts, at least physically. Emotional maturity can come far, far later…. Or we might not even quite be there yet. What is emotional maturity, really, and do you have it? What is emotional Continue Reading

Leadership secrets from foreign penguins from Ohio

Leadership by example helps forge a team. Let’s see how penguins can lead the way. Leadership is not about a person’s – or an animal’s – title. It’s about, quite literally, leading the way. A few years ago, there Continue Reading

Disney Motivational Quotes to Always Remember

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Mental Health Wellness Tips

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3 Critical Steps in Human Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual freedom is our reality. We can do any and everything that is humanly possible. Any and every experience that a human being can have can be had.These are profound statements that few people ever fully realize, but when that level of Continue Reading