Living with BPD: a Borderline Personality Disorder Case Study

Curious if you have borderline personality disorder? Actress and columnist Nicola Thorp shares her personal experience of living with BPD, from getting a diagnosis, attending therapy, and navigating symptoms. What is it like to have BPD? “I Continue Reading

Your Living Space and Your Mental Health – 7 Ways to Make it Work

by Andrea Blundell If ever there was a time to make sure your living space wasn’t negatively affecting your mental health, a lockdown would be it. 7 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Living Space How can you make sure your home isn’t bringing you down? 1. Continue Reading

Cognitive Behavioral Therpay

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The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale | Full Audiobook

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Remarkably POWERFUL Ways to Build MASSIVE CONFIDENCE! | Tony Robbins

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No One Owns the Truth

Many spiritual paths go to great lengths to lay claim to "the Truth." But the reality is no one owns the truth. If anything, we are owned by it. Yet somehow, people (individually or in specific spiritual traditions) claim to have it. They Continue Reading

Your Rest and Reward System – Can it Help With Lockdown Life?

by Rob Stanley A vital aspect of lockdown life and mental health that we need to understand is the concept of our personal rest cycle and reward system. Your reward system We all know what rest is and why it is important. Good sleep is essential to Continue Reading

Feel Like Giving Up? How to Keep Going on Days You Just Can’t

by Andrea Blundell Totally overwhelmed more often than not lately? Feel like giving up? It’s not an easy time in the world, and if this is combining with personal problems, it can just feel too much. 7 Things to do when you feel like giving up How Continue Reading

What is CBT? | Making Sense of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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How to Develop an Attractive Personality | 7 Personality Enhancing/Development Tips | ChetChat

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Stay Up-to-date with me in 2021

I hope your 2021 is off to a good start. This is a general reminder that the best way to stay in touch with me is through my free newsletter. I have quite a bit going on, and the newsletter is my first stop for a whole variety of announcements.Those Continue Reading

The Freeze Response – Known to Numb Out Under Stress?

When bad things happen, does your mind suddenly go blank? Do you feel tired? And just end up not responding? Your brain might use ‘the freeze response’ in the face of stress. Fight or flight The way we respond to perceived danger was long Continue Reading

“Why do I Always Have Bad Luck”? (Hint: It Might Be You)

By Andrea Blundell Always have bad luck compared to everyone around you? Feel like you were born under a bad star? And spend your life telling everyone who will listen one unbelievable story after another? Why is it you are always the unlucky one? Continue Reading

7 Psychology Tricks to Build Unstoppable Confidence

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Spiritual Awakening Anxiety and 6 Reasons It Arises

After more than 10 years of writing, I've written and re-written about a lot of topics. I'm sure I've written about the arising of fear after awakening, but I haven't called it anxiety.After a quick search engine check, my goodness, Continue Reading

How to Have More Energy This Year

by Andrea Blundell Exhausted by the pandemic? Wish you knew how to have more energy this year? How to have more energy even when the world is a mess We all know about sleep, exercise, and eating well. And even about yoga, and deep breathing. But what Continue Reading

Self Esteem – Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem

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Jump-Start Your SELF CONFIDENCE in 13 Minutes | Motivational Video | #BelieveFilms

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3 Types of Conscious Suffering

Nothing I'm about to say is new. It's just another way to say the same thing.Conscious suffering is the ego grind I've mentioned before. It's where we now understand that we are the witness, and we are watching our mind, heart, and Continue Reading


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6 Tips on How to Have a Strong Relationship

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I Don’t Care About Your Bliss

I don't care about your bliss.And neither should you.In the last couple of months, it seems that my inbox has gotten more questions regarding blissful experiences than usual, so I guess it's time to discuss spiritual bliss again.The term Continue Reading

3 Positive Parenting Tips We’ve Learned In 2020

by Rob Stanley If there has ever been a year to integrate positive parenting tips, it’s been this one, a year that left a lot of parents facing situations they never would have dreamed of dealing with. Who could have imagined back in January Continue Reading