Mystic Secrets Revealed: 53 Keys to Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

“Mystic Secrets Revealed is a guide to inner transformation…” –Midwest Book Review Discover practical spiritual principles that lead to personal and spiritual transformation: 3 simple steps to follow to manifest your ideal life… How to use Mental Alchemy to transmute your thoughts to produce immediate, beneficial results… 2 profound, yet easy-to-practice techniques you can use [More About This Book]

Tapping the Healer Within : Using Thought Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress

This work explains how to utilize the healing principles of Thought Field Therapy (TFT). TFT is a system that uses energy points throughout the body to release distress in order to overcome emotional problems, defeat fear and anxiety, alleviate phobias, conquer addictions, and deal with other psychological problems. $ 19.00

The Success Messages: Inspiration to Recharge Your Passion, Potential & Purpose

Discover a collection of inspiring wisdom to reset your mind and spirit for success. The intention of this book is to enlarge your vision and remind you of the miracles you are set to create in this world. Read with an open heart and you’ll experience the inner joy and happiness you are destined to [More About This Book]

Impossible Compassion: Utilizing Directed Compassion to Cure Disease, Save the Environment, Transform Relationships… and Do All Sorts of Other Good Things for Ourselves and Everyone Else

How do we end suffering in our own life and on the planet? How do we bring about seemingly impossible outcomes such as miraculously healing our self from a fatal disease, saving the environment or ending violence and war? In his second book, Edward Mannix takes on our assumptions about what is possible and impossible [More About This Book]

Neale Donald Walsch on Relationships

We are all involved in relationships. Indeed, we are all in relationship with everything and everyone, all of the time. We have a relationship with ourselves, with our family, with our environment, with our work, with each other. Everything that we know and experience about ourselves, we understand within the context created by our relationships.For [More About This Book]

Song of the Deer: The Great Sun Dance Journey of the Soul with Other

According to the Sweet Medicine SunDance shamanic tradition, the political and societal transitions at the end of the millennium call for that transition to be reflected within ourselves. In this book, two shamanic teachers provide the keys to realizing our full potential and help direct the journey to soul consciousness. $ 29.95

How to Meditate: Secrets to the Easiest and Most Effective Meditation Technique

Discover the Easiest and Most Effective Way to Meditate Having studied and taught meditation for over 40 years, Larry Terkel has settled into a meditation practice that draws from the best of both mantra plus mindfulness meditation. His students call it meditation plus. Why both mantra and mindfulness and not one or the other? Larry [More About This Book]

Twin Souls: A Guide to Finding Your True Spiritual Partner

The first spiritual guide to preparing for, recognizing, and meeting your twin soul. In this, the ultimate relationship book, Patricia Joudry and Maurie Pressman explain how women must discover the inner masculine and men the inner feminine, how to recognize your twin and how each relationship is preparation for the perfect unification to come, and [More About This Book]

The Children of the Maize: Seven Ancient Mayan Secrets to Spiritual Enlightenment, Peace and Happiness

The Children of the Maize is an extraordinary tale of genocide, ancient wisdom secrets and resurrection: the true story of the early childhood of Arnulfo Oxlaj, K’iche’ Mayan medicine man and guide from the Q´amol B´e lineage in Guatemala. Arnulfo was born without hearing, sight or voice but with a special gift – to be [More About This Book]

Celestial 911: Call with Your Right Brain for Answers!

Discover the amazing yet simple keys that will unlock the door to prosperity, health, positive relationships, and anything else you want, when you get Celestial 911 by Robert B. Stone. Stone has written and co-written more than eight books with more than four million copies sold, and Celestial 911 is one of his best. The [More About This Book]

The Complete Book of Chinese Health Balls: Background and Use of the Health Balls

Learn Chinese Health balls $ 15.44

The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones

Who are we and why are we here? Where did we come from and how do we return home? What’s the difference between Angels, Star Beings and Space Beings? This much beloved book is a vast handbook of remembrance which has touched many and transformed lives. There have been eight printings so far. $ 9.50

Wisdom Circles: A Guide to Self Discovery and Community Building in Small Groups

Gathering in small group circles to heal, share, and celebrate has moved from new age workshops and 12-step programs into the mainstream. This practical, inspirational guide shows readers how to use the power of the circle to effect changes in their lives and in their communities Targeted print ads .At a time of increasing loneliness [More About This Book]

The Worst Is Over: What to Say When Every Moment Counts–Verbal First Aid to Calm, Relieve Pain, Promote Healing, and Save Lives

Your child has a bike riding accident. A friend undergoes surgery. Your father has a chronic pain condition. One day, maybe sooner, maybe later, someone close to you will experience a medical emergency. Health issues escape no one. Knowing CPR and other “techniques” is great – but not enough. What do you say when you’ve [More About This Book]

Spiritual Healing

A well-known “”minister of religious science”” expounds the thirteen principles fundamental to healing oneself through spiritual power, showing readers how to alleviate emotional and physical distress from within. 17,500 first printing.” $ 19.52

Slim Spurling’s Universe: Ancient Knowledge Rediscovered to Restore the Health of the Environment and Mankind

“Slim Spurling’s Universe – The Light-Life ™ Technology:– Ancient Science Rediscovered to Restore the Health of the Environment and Mankind” is the first written documentation of a lifetime of research that took the man far beyond the boundaries of known science. Scientists and laymen alike will be fascinated and inspired by what lies inside these [More About This Book]

Juicy Living Cards (Large Card Decks)

This deck of cards brings you 50 simple ways to practice more self-love and “juicy living”. These are new ways of looking at subjects such as time, love and money, as well as support for our “splendid imperfections”. $ 79.98

The Dark Night of the Soul: A Sacred Journey to Joy and Enlightenment

In this series of teachings, you will not only find your way through the confusing times of life often referred to as the Dark Night, but you will also experience the healing energy of Ron’s prayers as he demonstrates the laying on of hands during an actual Healing Celebration, which includes “Chanting the Names of [More About This Book]

Transforming the Soul: Beyond Soul Retrieval and Integration

Soul Retrieval is becoming increasingly well known, yet vital aspects of its integration process are misunderstood and left unaddressed. To address these areas, this book reveals new insights into the true nature of the soul, soul loss, soul retrieval and the unique needs of the soul during its integration and transformation process. My spirit helpers [More About This Book]

Animal Communication Course: Heart-to-Heart Telepathy with Animals

Inspiration and information to help you understand heart-to-heart telepathy with animals is provided. This book gives you uplifting ideas from a variety of animal communicators. Author shares personal stories of her experience with animal communication. Exercises that you can practice to learn animal communication are at the end of the book. Animals communicate telepathically with [More About This Book]

The Cosmic Power Within You: Specific techqs for Tapping Cosmic Power Within You Improve Every Aspect your Life

Softcover – Self-help $ 24.45

Secrets of the German Sex Magicians: A Practical Handbook for Men and Women (Llewellyn’s Tantra & Sexual Arts Series)

Direct the tremendous amount of power released during sexual intercourse to magical and practical ends with the aid of the occult secrets in this book! Techniques and exercises explain how to transfer sexual energy to heal your partner, magically charge amulets and much more — frankly and explicitly! $ 144.59

Psychic Symbolism of Headaches, Insomnia, and the Upset Stomach

A discussion of the cause and alleviation of these symptoms, which are often termed psychosomatic. $ 6.19

Break Through Pain: A Step-by-Step Mindfulness Meditation Program for Transforming Chronic and Acute Pain

The newest treatment for pain is one of the oldest, most effective strategies for pain-free living: meditation. With Break Through Pain, meditation expert Shinzen Young teaches you how to retrain your relationship to pain through traditional meditation practices. Drawing from thirty years of results in the field, this respected teacher offers the essential techniques that [More About This Book]