The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Handwriting Analysis

Find out more about a person’s character than words can say! Every slant, every squiggle, every gap between letters has meaning, often revealing whether the person is aggressive or dreamy, greedy or generous, artistic or materialistic, talkative or reserved. With a range of handwriting samples to look at, learn the secrets to “decoding” their traits [More About This Book]

Handwriting Analysis: A Guide to Personality

Book by Battan, David $ 12.95

College Sense, Revised Edition

Use College Sense. College is way too expensive not to come with an instruction manual! College Sense: What Colleges and High School Advisors Don’t Tell You About College, Revised Edition reveals: • The 5 costliest mistakes parents make choosing a college • Financial programs colleges don’t tell you about (this is NOT financial aid) • [More About This Book]

The Answer is in Your Handwriting!: Your Fears – How Well Do You Handle Them?

In this, Volume I of her Handwriting series, Blatt delves into the fears that plague us all and the only three methods of handling them: fight, flee, or adapt. By perceiving clues reflected unconsciously in the handwriting of various letter-writers, she is able to help them pinpoint the sources of their fears and offer advice [More About This Book]

You Can Analyze Handwriting – A Practical Tool for Self-Knowledge and Personal Power

“The Easiest Way to Read Minds…” Handwriting is much more than scribbles on a page; it is a universal means of communication and expression. It reveals how we’re feeling, who we really are, and can even expose health issues we didn’t know we had. The ability to properly analyze handwriting to uncover these secrets is [More About This Book]

Handwriting Analysis Dictionary: How to Identify and Rate the Intensity of Personality Traits That Can be Found in Handwriting

Graphoanalysis. How to discover personality traits in someone’s handwriting. Handwriting dictionary

Graphology Student’s Workbook: A Workbook for Group Instruction or Self Study

1975. Second Edition. Author: Ruth Gardner. Publisher: Llewellyn Pub. 138 pages. Large paperback. $ 337.77

Handwriting Analysis with Andrea McNichol (Workbook to Accompany 8-hour Video Course., “You’ll never look at handwriting the same way again!)

This 61 page book offers an in-depth look at analyzing handwriting with expert Andrea McNichol. “You’ll be able to look at a handwriting sample – your own or someone else’s – and know a great deal about the person who wrote it in just a few minutes.”

The Answer is in Your Handwriting!: Your Relationships – Are They Right for You?

In this, Volume II of Dena Blatt’s Handwriting series, the author analyzes over a hundred handwriting samples from men and women asking the age-old question: “Is my partner right for me, and if not, what should I do about it?” A certified graphoanalyst (handwriting expert) since 1974 and “Dear Dena” advice columnist in True Blue [More About This Book]

He Can Who Thinks He Can

Full title: He Can Who Thinks He Can And Other Papers on Success in Life.

Practical Guide to Handwriting Analysis: Book and Kit

This all-in-one handwriting analysis kit includes a how-to-book, notepad, ruler, protractor, magnifying glass an International Graphoanalysis Society certified Emotional Responsiveness Gauge. Handwriting analysis has been submitted as evidence in court cases, studied to understand heroes from the past and investigated by the police to track criminals. It’s a fun and telling way to learn about [More About This Book]

Hidden Messages In Your Children’s Writing

For Parents, Teachers & All Who Care for Children Andrea has written a very special and important booklet for understanding your children, Hidden Messages in Your Children’s Writing. Designed for analyzing the drawings, doodles and handwriting of children ages 2 through 17, this illustrated 64-page booklet will show you how to use graphology to learn [More About This Book]

Signature for Success: How to Analyze Handwriting and Improve Your Career, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Signatures and handwriting reveal more than we think or even intend. While many perceive Bill Gates as arrogant, his handwriting shows him to be determined, self-confident, and impatient, expected others to live up to his standards. And while Barbara Walters comes across as outgoing, the slant of her handwriting indicates she compensates for her basic [More About This Book]

Applied graphology;: A textbook on character analysis from handwriting for the practical use of the expert, the student, and the layman, arranged in … illustrated with over 300 specimens,


Brain Writing: See Inside Your Own Mind and Others’ with Handwriting Analysis

Imagine being able to look into a job applicant, customer, or blind date’s mind. How helpful would that be? This book will help you do just that. Ask your friends, customers, or job applicants to jot down their likes and dislikes, or whatever seems appropriate. With what this book can teach you, you’ll be able [More About This Book]

Handwriting Analysis

Publish Date: April 1, 1982 $ 2.88

Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting

original copyright date 1978 $ 3.00

Handwriting Analysis – The Art and Science of Reading Character by Grapho Analysis

The Best Insurance Policy Money Can’t Buy Trust is a very powerful thing. But in today’s world, it can be hard to decide who you can trust and who you can’t. Have you ever had nagging doubts when you left your car at the mechanic? Or wondered how responsible your child’s babysitter really is? Do [More About This Book]

How Compatible Are You (Reveal the secrets of your relationship using handwriting analysis)

They say handwriting is the key to one’s personality. You can learn what traits are best suited to you in a romantic partner. Do you crave openness, generosity, and a sense of humor? How can you spot the warning signs of materialism, anger, and selfishness? Find out in this book. $ 1.93

The Hand Behind the Word: Handwriting Analysis JAQS Style

THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD, a personal decoder ring for relationship, should be required reading for anyone even THINKING ABOUT partnering in romance or a business relationship! It is also the definitive reference and sourcebook for decoding numbers in handwriting, the only handwriting analysis book available specifically on the meaning of handwritten digits, perhaps the [More About This Book]

Analyze This: What Handwriting Reveals

The fun of handwriting analysis at home—it’s not just for experts anymore. Here’s a fun and effective way to interpret someone’s energy level, work habits, and a host of other traits-all from a brief analysis of his handwriting. Study details such as baseline slope, shape of individual letters, and distance between words; and see how [More About This Book]

Handwriting and Personality: How Graphology Reveals What Makes People Tick

Discover How Handwriting Draws a Map of Your Mind. Ann Mahony, an expert graphologist, teacher, and lecturer, has taught hundreds of people how handwriting analysis can help them make better-informed decisions about everything — from choosing a mate to changing jobs to improving communication with children. Now, with the simple-to-learn skills in Handwriting & Personality, [More About This Book]

Your Recovery is in Your Hand: Codependency in Handwriting

Your recovery program is only a handwriting sample away with this exclusive book describing codependency in penmanship, making it an ideal companion for self-awareness. $ 11.24

Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work for Most People: How to Create Everything You Truly Desire

The real law of attraction secrets revealed: If your life is not exactly as you’d love it to be, and you’ve been struggling to make the law of attraction work for you, I want you to know that you are not alone. Look around you. How many people do you know who have tried to [More About This Book]