Run the Other Direction

One day a local farmer known as ClearSky was tending to his fields when a great crowd of people came running out of the woods. They shouted, "There's a bear! A bear is coming!"ClearSky knew what to do. He immediately took off in the opposite direction of the crowd, heading into the woods where the bear was supposed to be.A rancher saw this happen from afar. He was impressed by ClearSky's bravery. He grabbed his shotgun thinking that he'd go and help with the bear. The rancher picked up ClearSky's trail … [Read Entire Story]

Does Online Child Therapy Actually Work?

Yes, you are aware that, courtesy of the pandemic, a lot of things have gone online lately. And yes, your child is stressed and you want them to experience child counselling. But surely online child therapy can’t be that effective? Actually, the opposite seems to be true. What is online child therapy, exactly? Online therapy … [Read Entire Story]

What are the Different Types of Stress You Need to Know?

Wondering if you need to worry about your stress levels? Knowing the different types of stress can help. Why know the types of stress? Stress, if we take the time to examine it, has an identifiable cause. And with the right support and approach, stress can be dealt with and improved, before it risks becoming … [Read Entire Story]

Preparing for Awakening Online Class

Interestingly enough, preparing for awakening and what to do after an awakening are very similar. And so is the path to realizing spiritual freedom if you're not interested in awakening your energy.So if you want to know how to prepare yourself for this path and create a proper foundation, I'd encourage you to [Read Entire Story]

What is Aphantasia? And Does it Affect Mental Health?

Often wondered how other people seem to ‘daydream’ and visualise things in their heads? When you just draw a blank? You might have aphantasia. The definition of aphantasia So what is aphantasia?  The majority of people have some capacity to conjure visuals in their mind, even if some are naturally better at it than others. [&# [Read Entire Story]

Weight Gain and Depression – How Connected are They?

Feeling depressed that you’ve gained weight from all the lockdowns lately? Or is it really that you were already a bit depressed, and that’s why you turned so easily to food? Weight gain and depression are often closely linked. Did gaining weight make me depressed? Yes, it can feel defeating to realise none of your … [Read Entire Story]

YouTube Putting Ads on My Videos

After years of allowing people like me to have a YouTube channel where I decided if I wanted ads on my videos or not, YouTube has decided that they’ll put ads on them anyway. This is a company that in the 4th Quarter of 2020 made $6.89 Billion.So I wanted to take a moment to re-assure all of you that:1. I did not agree to these ads.2. I am not getting any money for the ads being placed on my videos… [Read Entire Story]

A Critical Question

As someone gets close to a key moment of letting go, there’s a critical question that often comes up. The question is actually an objection from the ego, and it goes something like this:”If I let go of all that I think I am, then who I am?”Sometimes it may go like this:”If I am not my pain, then who will I be?”In moments like this, a person finds out just how committed they are to their pain and their attachments. Most turn back.Will you surrender more?Spiritual Turning Points (video)5 Misunderstandings About SurrenderIf you’re interested in getting to know my work, I recommend checking out one of my [Read Entire Story]

Dream Therapy – Is it Still Used by Psychotherapists?

Do therapists still ask about dreams? Can you find dream therapy if you feel your dreams or nightmares are telling you things? The history of dreams and psychotherapy The world of modern Western psychotherapy largely began with Freud and ‘psychoanalysis’ . And Freud relied on dreams in his work with patients. His friend turned enemy … [Read Entire Story]

Are Good Intentions Enough?

by Andrea Blundell “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” according to an unknown proverb. Would psychologists beg to differ?  The meaning of intention What are we really talking about when we talk about our intentions? It  refers to the reasons we do things. Of course [Read Entire Story]

House or apartment – which is best for fitness?

If you live in a house, it’s much easier to keep fit. Here are 11 reasons why? File this under “Things the COVID-19 pandemic taught me.” One of the defining attributes of the pandemic has been weight gain. In fact, 61% of US adults experienced undesired weight change in the first year of the pandemic. Most of that was weight gain. Some of the loss might be because so many people got sick. Some might have been due to stress. Most of the weight gain was likely … [Read Entire Story]

Awakened and Totally Ungrounded

Let's start with some vocabulary before getting into the topic.Spiritual awakening. On this blog, I use this term to discuss an internally driven shift that dissolves the ego and attachments revealing truth and reality.Ungrounded. Unable to understand how an idea applies in the human world of separation.Separation. Sometimes called duality, this is what we focus on and how we experience life through our senses. We experience ourselves as separate beings.Oneness. Sometimes called non-duality, we are… [Read Entire Story]

Is Binge Drinking Really a Big Deal? A Psychological Perspective

We all know binge drinking isn’t fantastic for physical health. It’s connected to all sorts of fun stuff, including a higher risk of brain damage than just chronic drinking.  But what about mental health? Is it really a big deal if you like to go on benders a few times a month? What is binge … [Read Entire Story]

How to Show Respect in Relationships – And Why You Might Have it Wrong

The word ‘respect’ gets thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean to show respect in relationships? “You don’t respect me” It’s a common way to shut someone down in a discussion or argument. “Yeah well you don’t respect me!”  What we are really saying can be: I don’t feel listened to I … [Read Entire Story]

Are You Fully Invested on the Spiritual Path?

Lately, I've been thinking about the idea of what it means to be invested in something.These days, it seems that people are less and less invested in much of anything that they truly care about. For example, in our dating culture, the swiping of profile pictures is a new low in the lack of social investment. How anybody thinks that they&# [Read Entire Story]

Staying as Awareness Class

Staying as awareness is a simple and essential spiritual tool in the practice of dis-identifying with our ego. It can be used in any moment because awareness is always here now.However, there is a great deal of confusion about this tool.As such, I am offering an entire class around this topic to help people better understand what staying awareness is, how we are going beyond experiences, how this practice helps us to surrender the ego, and more.You can read additional details about the class below. As usual, I announce openings through my newsletter. If you are not signed up, you can sign up for my free newsletter here:Sign up to Hear About Upcoming ClassesStaying as Awareness Class Description [Read Entire Story]

Child Counselling – What are the Signs Your Kid Needs a Therapist?

Has your kid not been acting themselves lately? Or you worry they are too different from their siblings or schoolmates? Left wondering if it’s time for child counselling? Even before Covid-19, an NHS survey estimated that one in nine children had a diagnosable mental health disorder. This was raised to one in six during [Read Entire Story]

“Why Do I Feel Empty Inside?”

Trying really hard to keep it going, but most of the time just left thinking, “I feel empty inside”? Why do I feel so dead inside? There are actually times in life it’s quite normal to feel empty inside. Other times when we need to numb out briefly as a survival tactic. And then times … [Read Entire Story]

Better Spiritual Dating and Relationships Class

It can be a beautiful thing to find someone or someones to walk with you on your spiritual journey. Yet while there are lots of people talking about spiritual dating and relationships, I've yet to hear many people talk about spiritual dating and relationships in the context of spiritual freedom.Understanding relationships through realizing spiritual freedom is powerful and empowering. For… [Read Entire Story]

1,000 Spiritual Blog Posts!

Ta-da! This blog now has 1,000 blog posts.To go along with it, here’s a picture of 2010 Jim Tolles–the year I started blogging regularly. Way to take the initiative past-Jim! haha.Down below are a couple of the thousand blog posts that I’ve written since then.I hope they help you on the path of realizing spiritual freedom!The Difference Between True Teaching and Data Transfers (2012)5 Misunderstandings About Spiritual Freedom … [Read Entire Story]

Lack Self-Discipline? Here’s Why (and How to Fix It)

by Andrea Blundell Have the best of intentions? But terrible carry through? Why is it that some of us seem born with self-discipline, and the rest of us flounder? The holy grail of self-control Self-discipline, along with conscientiousness and perseverance, are a triad that form the ‘holy grail’ of self-control, a hot topic right across … [Read Entire Story]

Dad Guilt? When “Bad Dad” Worries Bring You Down

by Hugh Wilson Between providing for your children and spending time with them, are you worried you are leaning way too far to one side or the other? Welcome to the world of ‘dad guilt’.  What is dad guilt? Dad guilt is a relatively recent phenomenon that has emerged as a new generation of dads … [Read Entire Story]

One of the Crazier Things on the Spiritual Path

In my time as a spiritual teacher and as someone paying attention to people on the spiritual path for a lot of years, I’ve seen some really crazy things. I mean really CRAZY things. But one of the crazier things is simply this:People deny their own spiritual experiences.Now, I’m not talking about some of the bat-shit crazy delusions people have … [Read Entire Story]

ADHD in Women – Are the Symptoms Different?

by Andrea Blundell A female who has long suspected that your brain works differently? But not sure if it could be attention deficit disorder? ADHD in women can manifest in different ways. Very curious? Take our free Adult ADHD quiz now.  Girls, women, and ADHD For a long time, ADHD was a diagnosis given mostly to … [Read Entire Story]