Being Free of Suffering Is Not Happiness

On the path to spiritual freedom, you’ll notice that spiritual freedom teachers talk in a lot of “negatives.” We talk in what things are NOT or what we don’t have.So I may talk about letting go of attachments to your mother. You no longer have them. They are NOT part of your experience anymore. Because those attachments are gone, you no longer suffer when and if you relate to her.But that doesn’t make your experience with your mother happy.Happiness is just one of many experiences, and if it arises naturally, then it arises. Then it will pass. All experiences come and go. On the path to spiritual freedom, we surrender our attachments to what experiences may come. We do … [Read Entire Story]

Respect Me or GTFO

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Boundaries & Standards In Relationships

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Kids and Face Coverings – Does it Hurt Their Mental Health?

Want your child to wear a mask, but worried you’d be doing the right thing when it comes to their wellbeing? Or has your child not been themselves lately? And you suspect it relates to mask wearing?  Do face coverings for kids affect their mental health? Recent research from Germany around face coverings for kids … [Read Entire Story]

Thinking vs Feeling – Which One is Holding You Back?

by Andrea Blundell Do you overanalyse everything? Or are you more the type to be an emotional wreck? Between thinking vs feeling, what one is holding you back more, and what might that mean for your mental health? Thinking vs feeling – do you really know the difference? Thoughts are mental, or ‘cognitive’, processes. Our … [Read Entire Story]

Choosing, Allowing, or Seeking Happiness

Our relationship to happiness is an interesting one. Being happy is one of many people's biggest goals, and yet people often struggle with being happy. It's one of the goals many spiritual seekers have and why they come to the spiritual path.In general, I've found that there are at least three different types of relationships to happiness. They are choosing happiness, allowing happiness, and seeking happiness.Let's explore what that means.Seeking Happiness: The Search for Fulfillment [Read Entire Story]

Intro to Spiritual Freedom Class

Almost no one is ready to properly understand spiritual freedom. Again and again, I've had people come to me unprepared, and this class (subsequent classes) is meant to help prepare you for something that makes no sense to the dominant Western belief system.In short, we live in a time where the dominant Western Society message is that everyone can have everything all the time. It is obviously a lie, but it is so pervasive that most people subconsciously believe it. … [Read Entire Story]

Is it a ‘Superiority Complex’ that’s the Problem?

Is a colleague or acquaintance so full of themselves it makes you want to scream? Alway bragging and showing off? Is it a superiority complex, or something different? And why does it matter? The original definition of ‘superiority complex’ A ‘superiority complex’ is a term that was first coined in the early 1900s by respected … [Read Entire Story]

How to Stand Up For Yourself – 9 Steps That Really Help

by Andrea Blundell Is there a situation in your life you’ve let go on for far too long? And you know you need to stand up for yourself? Where to start? 9 Steps to standing up for yourself in life 1. Make sure you’ve read the situation right. Sometimes our thinking isn’t correct. We can … [Read Entire Story]

Your Beliefs Are Not Real

It is a strange time that we live in. Thanks to the Internet, we can disseminate all kinds of information across all kinds of borders to people of all walks of life–so long as they can access the Internet. This is wonderful!However, we can also create any and all kinds of beliefs and find countless other people to reinforce any crazy thing that we want to have reinforced. These echo chambers reflect back our beliefs over and over again to help us … [Read Entire Story]

Why You Need to Learn How to Delegate (and What Might be Holding You Back)

An avid ‘do-it-yourselfer’? Can’t be bothered to ask for help at work, home, or in relationships? Refusing to learn how to delegate means you are missing out on a powerful tool of personal growth. Learn how to delegate to reap these benefits How is delegating a tool of mental and emotional wellbeing? 1. It helps … [Read Entire Story]

Depression and Relationships – 10 Ways One Affects the Other

by Andrea Blundell Acting differently with your partner and can’t stop? Or dating someone who is not themselves lately, and wonder if it is depression? What is it you need to know about depression and relationships?  Depressed, or sad? We all feel low at times. But sadness and depression are not the same. Depression can … [Read Entire Story]

The Humbling Process in Becoming a True Teacher

Anyone who realizes anything on this spiritual path typically goes through a humbling process.It's humbling to see that we aren't who we thought we were.It's humbling to see that many of our assumptions about life aren't true.It's humbling to see how much suffering we've caused ourselves and others.It's humbling to know that most if not all of that suffering was unnecessary.There is so much to be humbled about, and as I said, most anyone who is sincerely on this path will be humbled. But for those who truly are called to teach, more humbling is required. It's required because you'… [Read Entire Story]

Cosmetic Surgery and Mental Health – Can You Cope?

Dream of doing an optional cosmetic procedure, in hopes it will change your life? Cosmetic surgery and mental health are deeply connected, and there are many things to consider before an operation.  The positive effects of plastic surgery When it comes to cosmetic surgery and mental health, it’s true that there can be positive results. … [Read Entire Story]

“Why Am I So Mean to My Partner?”

by Andrea Blundell Nice to others, but once you are alone with your partner, another side roars out? Keep asking yourself, ‘why am I so mean to my partner?’ Why can’t I stop being so mean?  It’s a loaded question. And the answer might be something entirely different than you expect. It also varies depending … [Read Entire Story]

When Success No Longer Interests You

People spend a lot of time trying to succeed.They try to succeed at looking attractive.They try to succeed at making money.They try to succeed at winning argumentsThey try to succeed at starting a family.They try to succeed at maintaining a family.Some even try to succeed at having the most pathetic life. I know that sounds odd, but sometimes, there are people who give up on one kind of success and then try to claim another. There are people who are legitimately succeeding at a pity-party life.Well, I won't talk too much about the last one, and the overall point is that the drive to succeed is powerful. It has many forms. Yet… [Read Entire Story]

Living with BPD: a Borderline Personality Disorder Case Study

Curious if you have borderline personality disorder? Actress and columnist Nicola Thorp shares her personal experience of living with BPD, from getting a diagnosis, attending therapy, and navigating symptoms. What is it like to have BPD? “I started having what I refer to as ‘episodes’ when I was around six years old. They would usually … [Read Entire Story]

Your Living Space and Your Mental Health – 7 Ways to Make it Work

by Andrea Blundell If ever there was a time to make sure your living space wasn’t negatively affecting your mental health, a lockdown would be it. 7 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Living Space How can you make sure your home isn’t bringing you down? 1. Take an honest appraisal of your home’s health. It’s well … [Read Entire Story]

No One Owns the Truth

Many spiritual paths go to great lengths to lay claim to "the Truth." But the reality is no one owns the truth. If anything, we are owned by it. Yet somehow, people (individually or in specific spiritual traditions) claim to have it. They know it, and they can give it to … [Read Entire Story]

Your Rest and Reward System – Can it Help With Lockdown Life?

by Rob Stanley A vital aspect of lockdown life and mental health that we need to understand is the concept of our personal rest cycle and reward system. Your reward system We all know what rest is and why it is important. Good sleep is essential to mental and physical wellbeing. But what about our … [Read Entire Story]

Feel Like Giving Up? How to Keep Going on Days You Just Can’t

by Andrea Blundell Totally overwhelmed more often than not lately? Feel like giving up? It’s not an easy time in the world, and if this is combining with personal problems, it can just feel too much. 7 Things to do when you feel like giving up How can you keep going when it feels too … [Read Entire Story]

Stay Up-to-date with me in 2021

I hope your 2021 is off to a good start. This is a general reminder that the best way to stay in touch with me is through my free newsletter. I have quite a bit going on, and the newsletter is my first stop for a whole variety of announcements.Those announcements include things like:space in my schedule for new students,space for a mentee (this is someone whom I teach how to teach),free talks… [Read Entire Story]

The Freeze Response – Known to Numb Out Under Stress?

When bad things happen, does your mind suddenly go blank? Do you feel tired? And just end up not responding? Your brain might use ‘the freeze response’ in the face of stress. Fight or flight The way we respond to perceived danger was long called the ‘fight of flight’ response. This idea was coined way … [Read Entire Story]

“Why do I Always Have Bad Luck”? (Hint: It Might Be You)

By Andrea Blundell Always have bad luck compared to everyone around you? Feel like you were born under a bad star? And spend your life telling everyone who will listen one unbelievable story after another? Why is it you are always the unlucky one? You might have more control over this than you think. Bad … [Read Entire Story]