What I Want You to STOP Doing in 2016 | True Life Coaching

Last week in our newsletter I shared with you my wish list for the new year. Not only are things I wish for you, there are also things I want you to STOP doing – things that are keeping you from being your very best self! [Read Entire Story]

Don't Waste It! | True Life Coaching

Have you realized how precious life is? This time of year often causes us to pause and reflect on our lives – are we living with purpose? Are the most important things to us the things to which we truly give our attention? [Read Entire Story]

Pushing Your Limits | True Life Coaching

What do you think of when you hear someone (like me!) say, “You need to push your limits”? Envision yourself standing on a high peak of the Rocky Mountains watching a storm rage below. An eagle soars up through the … [Read Entire Story]

Leading By Delegating | True Life Coaching

I will never to able to create a life that includes everything that matters to me – doing excellent work, having time to play, nurturing great relationships, eating well, and exercising – unless I somehow figure out how to add more … [Read Entire Story]

Character in Small Moments | True Life Coaching

I love to water-ski! However, each summer I dread the first time out because I know I'll use muscles I forgot I had and will endure days of pain for my seven minutes of fun. Do I stop because it hurts? No, because I also know … [Read Entire Story]

Leading Without Judgment | True Life Coaching

Judgment is ubiquitous. What do you think of someone who has a nose ring? goes to that concert? lets their kids do that? shows that much cleavage? works from home? You are a leader. You lead yourself, family and friends, … [Read Entire Story]

Ten Things Leaders "Should" Do | True Life Coaching

What would your life look like if you had absolutely no fear? What kinds of things would you do if you lived from a frame of reference that your thoughts literally could form your world? How brightly would your light shine if you … [Read Entire Story]

Leading With Integrity | True Life Coaching

What makes a leader? It's simple. Followers. In reality, it isn't the leader who declares that he/she is leader, it is those who follow him/her. If no one follows, there is no leading. We are delighted to bring you another installment … [Read Entire Story]

On Track or Derailed? Five Reasons Goals Fail | True Life Coaching

We are 3 weeks into the new year, and it seemed like a good time to talk about why our goals sometimes fail. This article was posted a few years ago on our blog, and I hope it inspires you to really give your intentions for the … [Read Entire Story]

5 Keys to Define Your Niche – with Debra Trappen | True Life …

If you've been around True Life Coaching or LEXI Leadership for any length of time, you've likely heard the name Debra Trappen. Debra is a dear friend of Shandel's and co-produder of the LEXI Women's Leadership Summit. [Read Entire Story]

You Can Follow Through on This | True Life Coaching

We've been talking about Follow-Up and Follow-Through, two skills that can set you apart in the business world and help you see your Big Idea reach reality. What can you do to strengthen your own abilities to Follow-Up and … [Read Entire Story]

Leading by Following Up! | True Life Coaching

What follow-up — and follow-through — on your Big Idea have you practiced today? (You DO have a Big Idea, right? I know you do! Big ideas or small ones alike don't become reality unless we develop and use the skills of … [Read Entire Story]

Discover the Personal Driver in Your Individual Hedgehog | True …

… can be great? Are you ready to leave pride behind and walk in your greatness? Your Coach,. sig_shandel. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged coaching, good to great, greatness, jim colllins, motivator on August 26, 2014 by Shandel. [Read Entire Story]

The Power of Consistency | True Life Coaching

Does “consistency” sound a bit, well, boring to you? After all, Ralph Waldo Emerson said “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” But wait. There's another way of looking at consistency — and it's a powerful one. [Read Entire Story]

It's Not Position, it's Attitude that Matters | True Life Coaching

My favorite chapter of my book Clarity is Chapter 1 and since it's summer, it's a good time to pull it out of the archives and re-visit the idea that it's not your position, it's your attitude that matters! Enjoy! Every summer, our family … [Read Entire Story]

Are You Motivated By Negativity? | True Life Coaching

The brain naturally gravitates toward the negative. A judgmental attitude is cancer to any relationship. Every working person knows how negativity wreaks havoc in the workplace and sends everyone home in a bad mood. [Read Entire Story]

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back | True Life Coaching

When was the last time you had a great experience as a customer? What made it memorable? How did it make you feel? Being customer focused may seem like a very obvious basic business requirement. To exist you need … [Read Entire Story]

Leadership + Humility = Growth | True Life Coaching

What happens when a leader begins to look within herself and is willing to be humble? At True Life Coaching we love hearing stories of people who choose to live intentionally. In our last newsletter we featured Jeri Epperson … [Read Entire Story]

Shandel Recognized as Coach of the Year! | True Life Coaching

True Life Coaching loves to spotlight the accomplishments of our clients and the companies we work with! Today we get to spotlight the accomplishment of our own Shandel Slaten – while she's away on vacation we are … [Read Entire Story]

Eliminate the Emotional Drain from Leadership | True Life Coaching

Do you know how much negative emotional drain is costing you and your organization? How about you as a leader? When I ask that question to an executive team, I have them actually calculate the amount of hours they … [Read Entire Story]

STOP BEING BUSY IN 2014 – Life Coaching Tools for New Year …

What if this year you were “intentional” about everything you did and left being “busy” to people who have no direction, discipline, or desire? Think of how fun your year could be if everything you did mattered…even your REST … [Read Entire Story]

Choose Courage and Overcome Your Fear of Failure | True Life …

Menu. Skip to content. Leadership · Coaches · Workshops · Blog · Reads · Store · LEXI · Contact Us. z (4) … Bonus: here are some random things I'm been scared of over the course of my life: 1. Storms- up until I was 13 0r 14, … [Read Entire Story]

Finish Strong: Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing | True Life …

What is your strategy to stay focused and committed to what matters most in the final days of 2013? Thanksgiving dinner has finally digested. Christmas tree is up. Holiday parties commenced. Cyber Monday over. Back to … [Read Entire Story]

Why COURAGE requires your EQ to evolve | True Life Coaching

John Wayne had it right when he said, “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” The question for leaders today is “Do you know when fear has taken over your body and that you are now reacting vs. [Read Entire Story]