Truth Versus Ego Class

What is ego?What is truth?How do you tell them apart when they come up in your mind?I get these types of questions all the time. And honestly, it's actually very easy to distinguish the two when we really want to. It comes back to our sincerity in knowing ourselves because more often than not, we don't want to hear how much ego nonsense we believe in nor do we want to see the reality we live in.Along with that, there are very clear aspects of the ego's absurdities that people can learn to perceive, and I'll talk about them in… [Read Entire Story]

The Matrix and the Initial Awakening

The Matrix is a movie that has stood the test of time. It captured and–in my opinion–still captures people's imaginations in a profound way. Specifically, the movies offers a powerful allegory for the process of realizing spiritual freedom. I don't know how much of the intent of the writers was to do that, but the movie has certainly been interpreted that way. From this spiritual lens, I thought it'd be interesting to dive into the many things that this movie got right.While there are certainly many elements it doesn't get right and the subsequent movies really showed the writers limitations in understanding spiritual freedom (at least… [Read Entire Story]

The Pathological Narcissist Who Can’t Really Love

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Spiritual Breakthroughs Class: What to Do

Spiritual breakthroughs are possible all the time.Why?Reality is here all the time.A spiritual breakthrough is simply a moment where we see a bit more of reality, and this typically leads to a time of processing. Processing means that we have to learn to understand this reality and how then to think about it, feel about it, and engage with it. Depending on how much resistance we have to seeing reality, processing can take a little or a lot of time.Consider if you truly realize that all of life is … [Read Entire Story]

What Hurts? What Helps? Who Am I At The End of the Day?

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The Master and the Sea of Kurbus

After some time teaching in a village, a woman known to many as a Great Master decided to journey away. The local villagers begged her to stay because during her time there, the village's fortunes had dramatically improved. But the master knew her heart and her calling. So, she gathered a few… [Read Entire Story]

The Fires of Transformation Class

The fire is real.I sometimes describe the experience of spiritual transformation as feeling like one is on fire. Few people can allow themselves to stay in the fire long enough to burn away old conditioning.Additionally, modern society has built itself upon the basic belief that comfort is one of the most valuable things there is. Modern human beings do all that they can to be comfortable or to minimize difficulty. And difficulty is only okay if it there … [Read Entire Story]

A Person of Dignity Redux

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Finding and Cultivating Your Authentic Self

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Tests After Finding the Treasure

Ruby was sweeping her porch one day when she noticed an old chest. Covered by an thread-bare tapestry and some potted plants, she'd forgotten about the trunk a long-time ago to the point where she couldn't even remember what was in it or if she'd ever opened.She paused in what she … [Read Entire Story]

Who and Why We Attract – Re-explained

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Choosing to Change

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5 Uses for Meditation Online Class

Meditation is a versatile tool that has stood the test of time. Now in the modern era, Westerners have re-discovered one of the simplest and healthiest ways to support ourselves and our development on the spiritual path.However, people bring a lot of stuff into meditation. People bring a vast number of expectations and beliefs, and this creates a great deal of confusion. People get confused about what should happen in meditation and how it … [Read Entire Story]

Run the Other Direction

One day a local farmer known as ClearSky was tending to his fields when a great crowd of people came running out of the woods. They shouted, "There's a bear! A bear is coming!"ClearSky knew what to do. He immediately took off in the opposite direction of the crowd, heading into the woods where the bear was supposed to be.A rancher saw this happen from afar. He was impressed by ClearSky's bravery. He grabbed his shotgun thinking that he'd go and help with the bear. The rancher picked up ClearSky's trail … [Read Entire Story]

Preparing for Awakening Online Class

Interestingly enough, preparing for awakening and what to do after an awakening are very similar. And so is the path to realizing spiritual freedom if you're not interested in awakening your energy.So if you want to know how to prepare yourself for this path and create a proper foundation, I'd encourage you to [Read Entire Story]

A Critical Question

As someone gets close to a key moment of letting go, there’s a critical question that often comes up. The question is actually an objection from the ego, and it goes something like this:”If I let go of all that I think I am, then who I am?”Sometimes it may go like this:”If I am not my pain, then who will I be?”In moments like this, a person finds out just how committed they are to their pain and their attachments. Most turn back.Will you surrender more?Spiritual Turning Points (video)5 Misunderstandings About SurrenderIf you’re interested in getting to know my work, I recommend checking out one of my [Read Entire Story]

YouTube Putting Ads on My Videos

After years of allowing people like me to have a YouTube channel where I decided if I wanted ads on my videos or not, YouTube has decided that they’ll put ads on them anyway. This is a company that in the 4th Quarter of 2020 made $6.89 Billion.So I wanted to take a moment to re-assure all of you that:1. I did not agree to these ads.2. I am not getting any money for the ads being placed on my videos… [Read Entire Story]

Awakened and Totally Ungrounded

Let's start with some vocabulary before getting into the topic.Spiritual awakening. On this blog, I use this term to discuss an internally driven shift that dissolves the ego and attachments revealing truth and reality.Ungrounded. Unable to understand how an idea applies in the human world of separation.Separation. Sometimes called duality, this is what we focus on and how we experience life through our senses. We experience ourselves as separate beings.Oneness. Sometimes called non-duality, we are… [Read Entire Story]

Are You Fully Invested on the Spiritual Path?

Lately, I've been thinking about the idea of what it means to be invested in something.These days, it seems that people are less and less invested in much of anything that they truly care about. For example, in our dating culture, the swiping of profile pictures is a new low in the lack of social investment. How anybody thinks that they&# [Read Entire Story]

Staying as Awareness Class

Staying as awareness is a simple and essential spiritual tool in the practice of dis-identifying with our ego. It can be used in any moment because awareness is always here now.However, there is a great deal of confusion about this tool.As such, I am offering an entire class around this topic to help people better understand what staying awareness is, how we are going beyond experiences, how this practice helps us to surrender the ego, and more.You can read additional details about the class below. As usual, I announce openings through my newsletter. If you are not signed up, you can sign up for my free newsletter here:Sign up to Hear About Upcoming ClassesStaying as Awareness Class Description [Read Entire Story]

1,000 Spiritual Blog Posts!

Ta-da! This blog now has 1,000 blog posts.To go along with it, here’s a picture of 2010 Jim Tolles–the year I started blogging regularly. Way to take the initiative past-Jim! haha.Down below are a couple of the thousand blog posts that I’ve written since then.I hope they help you on the path of realizing spiritual freedom!The Difference Between True Teaching and Data Transfers (2012)5 Misunderstandings About Spiritual Freedom … [Read Entire Story]

Better Spiritual Dating and Relationships Class

It can be a beautiful thing to find someone or someones to walk with you on your spiritual journey. Yet while there are lots of people talking about spiritual dating and relationships, I've yet to hear many people talk about spiritual dating and relationships in the context of spiritual freedom.Understanding relationships through realizing spiritual freedom is powerful and empowering. For… [Read Entire Story]

One of the Crazier Things on the Spiritual Path

In my time as a spiritual teacher and as someone paying attention to people on the spiritual path for a lot of years, I’ve seen some really crazy things. I mean really CRAZY things. But one of the crazier things is simply this:People deny their own spiritual experiences.Now, I’m not talking about some of the bat-shit crazy delusions people have … [Read Entire Story]

How to Do Inner Work Class

Doing inner work is a central part of the process of dissolving ego attachments. If we don't know what we're attached to, we won't give up those attachments. It's simple like that.In saying that, the emphasis of inner work on the path to spiritual freedom is about letting go of things. Conversely, many people who do self improvement/self help/personal development/etc. are often trying to add things to their lives. They want to add an ability to be better at their career, be better at romance, be better at sex and intimacy, be better as a parent, and so forth. This is fine, but a it is not the path to spiritual freedom. A lot of… [Read Entire Story]