Jim Rohn Personal Development – What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You, Ignorance is Not Bliss

Jim Rohn Personal Development - What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You, Ignorance is Not Bliss


  1. frank Jumbe says


  2. ibrahim marah says

    Jim Rohn is the new sound in my ear going to list to him until it get to my subconscious mind

  3. Margaret Nicola says

    This is true what you don't know will hurt you. Get your true facts before making a decision or getting too close to someone . There's alot of bad and evil people out here in this world.

  4. virgil brown says

    Love this message

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  6. Alisha On Demand says

    I love these videos. Very motivational. Makes me want to get back out there.

  7. Nourdine Ellouzi says

    Don't forget repitition is the mother of skills

  8. Cynthia Mc Murray says

    Such powerful and impactful words!!! Thanks for sharing.?

  9. Reza Jaghori says

    It was wonderful thank you ?

  10. sobsamai kitchatham says

    Thank you

  11. Tom Swan says

    RIP Jim.

  12. Paul Morran says

    Most people know more as they get older:
    I give all that the cold shoulder.

    I spent my second quarter-century
    Losing what I had learnt at university.

    And refusing to take in what had happened since.
    Now I know none of the names in the public prints,

    And am starting to give offence by forgetting faces
    And swearing I've never been in certain places.

    It will be worth it, if in the end I manage
    To blank out whatever it is that is doing the damage.

    Then there will be nothing I know.
    My mind will fold into itself, like fields, like snow.
    — Philip Larkin

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  14. July Bobis says

    his wisdom brings out the best in you

  15. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this ?

  16. Satbeer Singh says

    One of the wise man Jim Rohn I have ever listened to…

  17. Michael Nedels says

    Beautiful look on a good life!?????

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  19. Rosalinda Nguyen says

    Thank you.

  20. Self worth Group says

    Take responsibility for your own happiness, do not expect people or things to bring you happiness, or you could be disappointed.

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