Why I Started My Self-Improvement Journey

Why I Started My Self-Improvement Journey


  1. Aarya Naik says

    How to not be selfish and be very sociable

  2. Mr. ClearMind says

    Same story in my school now,
    But not the game?

  3. Mr. ClearMind says

    We can create an online game with this content ??

  4. Popular or not it don’t matter but anyone not knowing your name is depressing.

  5. Littlefiregirl ARMY says

    I feel that. I’m always the quiet uninteresting girl in the corner.

    That why I want to change something. I just don’t know how.

  6. Coconacht says

    me who's also a nobody: I've won, but at what cost?

  7. Ozi Animations says

    Lol this was me but that’s okay I think I could name only half of my year.

  8. SupersaneX says

    I wish my school did this

  9. Vignesh Vignesh says

    Finally his real name

  10. Dhanya Chennupati says

    You want to do so many things but things are stoping you please do a video on this
    How to go against everyone and achieve your goal without stopping

  11. WYSI

    if you get this im applauding you

  12. Vortex B says

    This dude just explained my whole life.

  13. TheBeybladeSport says

    What is the meaning of so many videos that say SELF IMPROVEMENT IS A LIE?

  14. Lilia Bag says

    Can you share the link for the self improvement pleas

  15. Im Yabota says

    This guy wasn't a nobody…he trained to be one…through out all of highschool…it was a training arc all along! And it paid off in the battle royal. He didn't change from a nobody to a celebrity. He simply just switched styles because he mastered the previous one already and got bored. What a chad !

  16. Nice story ?

  17. statiq08 says

    how to stop being shy??

  18. TL;DR he came across a forum

  19. Creepkido says

    why is this almost exactly like the anime "Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki" lmao

  20. Rip rished

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