Sample Life Coaching Session With An ICF Certified Coach

Sample Life Coaching Session With An ICF Certified Coach


  1. Dr Antoine says

    I have a situation, I am Syrian who lived out of surua for past 24 years, since free years I can't get a job, I can't oprn a babk account orlivein respect and dignity just like others,, simple life became to me, I met a woman recently and I was so honest with her about my life condition and concerns I thought it will be fair to let her know before getting closer,, she ignored me for couple of days then she told me I should see a life couch, because I live in the past, I said if a life couch can't go back to his home country like me, and can't find a job, and can't have simple rights and all he gets is a refugee residency will he still be a good life couch, and what will a life couch solve for me wher the whole world trying yo lable me as a refugee with no any rights,, even agoda and Facebook removed my nationalality Syria from rhier nationality /country lists. What all that to do with a life couch. Can someone help me please.

  2. I really appreciate the end of the session. What action items are you going to focus on? Awesome stuff!

  3. John G Cahill says

    sound much too low

  4. TWO KIDS ONE MOM says

    Today I emailed a coach. It’s lead me to find this video ??

  5. Theresa Weatherall says

    Took a little while to get to coaching session. Thanks for the example.

  6. Sqiniseko Majola says

    Berean Literal Bible
    Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life; the one believing in Me, even if he should die, he will live.
    John 11:25

  7. Koby Gould says

    As a trainee coach (with ICF-accredited Coach U), I found that really useful/valuable! Thanks for posting!

  8. Brian Donato says

    Appreciate the content! I'm just now starting a life coaching business, last video on my channel is about it. I have experience doing it informally but I know I have a lot to learn to get the kind of growth I envision. Hope we continue to inspire people to live their best lives – including us too!

  9. Elizabeth Walters says

    i wanted to consume this so bad, but my speakers are incapable 🙁


    Excellent insight into what happens. Thank you.

  11. Tanya Serrao says

    Starts at 10:28

  12. Allison S says

    Good analogies and metaphors and work on expansion

  13. Coach David Ades says

    the word that comes to my mind, throughout this session, is lovely. a lovely client that you have a lovely connection with. the way you interact with her is also "lovely" by which i mean there is a lot of care, i feel. the atmosphere – where she records the session – is also full of light, it's soft..

    i love the "i just should on myself" phrase. that one's going in my back pocket.

    there's a meta conversation about coaching here. she's talking about trust vs. control. that's exactly what you're doing. humans are so complex and dynamic, every session is about keeping a vision (of yourself as a coach, maybe), and exercising trust. thank you so much for sharing! i might schedule a free 45 minute session with you just to pick your brain! how absolutely generous – a free 45 minutes. inspirational, coach!

  14. Andres Celis Arias says

    Great video!! Love the question: What is your relationship with fear and vulnerability? and how that led to acceptance of those emotions. I truly believe that the session ended pretty early in the video, but then the exploration also led to an amazing implicit conversation throughout the visualization about something that I would call "the only certainty in the uncertainty of life is change" I would love to participate in some coaching videos if they ever are offer to the public. Great job !!!

  15. The Bill and Kali Show says

    Connections Restored

  16. Dilek K?ro?lu ACC says

    I questioned my hearing 🙁

  17. What is the difference of therapy and a life coach. Seems similar.

  18. Kimberly Leola says

    I love this session. So much vulnerability and emotion.

  19. Rebeca Bianca says


  20. Alex Woods says

    Great example! I’m currently in a Wellness Life Coaching course and it’s fabulous but I’m already suffering from imposter syndrome. Your video was so helpful for me to see a coaching experience outside of the classroom. Thank you for sharing.

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