NO EXCUSES – Best Motivational Video

NO EXCUSES - Best Motivational Video


  1. Ben Lionel Scott says

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  2. Sudhir Mane says

    I only watch this motivational video over and over again ..

  3. Arjun ks Ks says

    I go to fly ??

  4. Best Motivational Videos says

    Student Life is most important part of a person

  5. jane austen says

    It's really motivated me

  6. Andrea Reyes says

    It will be really good if there's women in the video, unfortunately, there isn't. I'm a woman and I need to see my gender doing those amazing things too



  8. Pure Inspiration?

  9. Nikola Milincic says

    You have no clue how much this video helped me

  10. Abhay Nanda says

    If U need motivation to that work then that work is not meant for you-Elon "THE ALIEN" Musk

  11. Meanwhile, me trying to be motivated to do my homework:

  12. Gabriel aurelia Armaydo says

    Gak bisa bahasa enggres

  13. 10 k dislikes LOOOOOOOSEEEERS

  14. Positive and Healthy says

    Not getting what I want is actually a blessing sometimes ?

  15. Md Shehriyar Ali says

    nobady handed me nothing

  16. Amsudhar P says

    YouTube recommended a life changing thing since I started it !!

  17. Ãkhtãr Khãñ says

    What a great motivational video forever

  18. Abinesh .S says

    Bgm name please

  19. Naman Rawat says

    The dislikes are from the people who didn't get motivated

  20. Unyie thorle says

    "My dog became a wolf after watching this" thanks for the video

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