How To Stop Negative Thinking | 5 Healthy Self Help Habits

How To Stop Negative Thinking | 5 Healthy Self Help Habits


  1. ITZBerto says

    honestly thank you for this thats all i needed to say stay bless stay awesome

  2. iga filo says

    nice video

  3. Levi Clifton ID says

    The best part about negative thinking is you can write down what you do not want and then on the other hand you automatically know what you do want.

  4. Vinay Barot says

    My problem was that I was always procrastinating and I was wasting so much of my time. The program called Forwago helped me to learn how to focus on what is really important and to start working on my goals.

  5. Waking Up To Life says

    Catch negative thoughts in the act and replace them with positive thoughts, you'll literally rewire your brain for natural positivity!

  6. From Mediocrity to Success says

    Great video thanks

  7. Ivan Jimenez says

    Negative thoughts for me tend to spin so if you hold on to them they way make you spin also so in my mind I try to learn to let go so I won’t spin with the bad thoughts

  8. SoberWarrior says

    Love this! We need more videos about stopping negative thoughts. Too many people get caught up in negative thinking–it's a serious problem! Thanks for sharing this. Stay beautiful always <3

  9. Ariel Barham says
  10. Indira Life says

    Thanks for this video! Release your minds thoughts and listen for what there is to know from your self. ????

  11. Jessica Lamb says

    This was beautiful and very helpful ? thank you !

  12. Anna Stuller says

    Why are there not more likes and views on this video?!?

  13. How To Change My Life In 30 Days Movement says

    Wow ?, this #selfhelp video was dynamic. Truly #motivation driven ?

  14. Meghan Ridgell says

    Hey beautiful- love this video and perspective. Thank you for this. I am working on a video very similar for my channel, so thank you for some sort of guidance. I like how you did this!! Keep being great and growing. I hope to get to your capacity one day. Any advice??

  15. The Mental Health Trek says

    Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character, your character becomes your destiny

  16. Christopher Duffell says

    Thank you greats advise and thank you again

  17. OJASWI GUPTA says

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  18. Noura El Aallaoui says

    Thaaank you?

  19. Black Sky says

    I can't stop comparing myself to others ?? when you see terrible people get the good things you've been working so hard to get. I'm so tired of life, I'm trying to improve but I don't think it's working.

  20. Vindhyachal Devi says

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