Imagine There Was No Stigma to Mental Illness | Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman | TEDxCharlottesville

Imagine There Was No Stigma to Mental Illness | Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman | TEDxCharlottesville


  1. baxthiar ms sulaiman says

    A drastically Traumatic.

  2. baxthiar ms sulaiman says

    STIGMA~ Disorderly , mentally illness due effected to ßrain's dysmalfunction ( INFERITY COMPLEXITY) . À Traumatic.

  3. Eccentric U says
  4. With a seemingly altruistic agenda, the fact is the campaign to end the “stigma” of mental illness is one driven and funded by those who BENEFIT from more and more people being labeled mentally ill—pharma, psychiatry and pharmaceutical front groups such as NAMI and CHADD to name but a few. For example, take NAMI’s campaign to stop the “stigma” and “end discrimination” against the mentally ill—the “Founding Sponsors” were Abbott Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Janssen, Pfizer, Novartis, SmithKline Beecham and Wyeth-Ayerst Labs.

    The fact is that the “stigmatization ” is coming from those that benefit from people being labeled/stigmatized with mental disorders that have no medical/biological evidence.

  5. Cynthia Cohen says

    I've met a number of conventional people, who are so panicked by the stigma attached to mental illness, that they shun family members and friends who show symptoms. In some cultures, such as Asian cultures, there is a strong stigma attached to mental illness: they are terrified by mental illness. Conventionalism can be cowardly.

  6. Deborah Berry says

    You talk about stigma but you have just stigmatised BPD. It is manageable through psychology and psychiatry

  7. Keilan Pouge says

    Lol cranberry juice makes you smack your lips

  8. Abhiram Bhaskar says
  9. Abeda Nafisa says

    Yes me i suffer from severe auditory problems because of my dogs and it makes me so angry that I can't concentrate i suffer from frustration.its true that it is a stigma naturally.A psychiatrist gave a Deprivation of liberty status to me because I was very uncontrolled when I was young and I don't know anything more he even knew me…. he is my father's friend extremely mean man and he told me that I must go on with the dogs even though told him that I will commit suicide he keeps all the 12 dogs …….and I still study in this space…..So difficult for me……..but there's no getting out anymore….and he also told me to break it with my boyfriend…I don't have shame anymore because I've been ashamed for so long……..

  10. Jasmin Marie says

    Thank you sir !

  11. Stuart Bratley says

    my neighbour thinks im 'a weirdo, because i talk to god'

  12. Little Missbaby says

    Omg imagine there was no stigma
    Schizophrenic individuals would be able to live and function and everyone would love them.. Even though they hallucinate people saying things (good and bad) and seeing things
    Frequently go off their meds because they dont think they need them
    Ooooh itd be so great dropping your kids off at daycare with someone like that working there ! Definitely not a ticking timebomb at all !
    – stigma does not stop them from getting treatment – they stop themselves because they dont think they need it.. Often times they get hit with reality and go get help. -they are not refused they just choose to not continue

  13. Pedro Apples says

    The truth is, cities should be spaces for the infirm, like the elderly and socially challenged.

    Strong, healthy people should be earning out in the farms, in the country side where their bodies and socially superior qualities suit them well there.

  14. Peter Jones says

    Some people are treated with mental illness and they don’t have it!

  15. Peter Jones says

    There’s a lot more to “Mental illness”,Psychiatry is not what it seems!!

  16. Jada Wayda says

    i’m in early adolescence why do i relate to this

  17. Riaamounguslogic says

    i used to hide away my mental asd ( autisum spectum disorder ) and many did never understand and i hid my mental state for 3 years but after i opened up and i talked to my whole class about my asd now i feel better i told pepole about my true self

  18. Karim Alameddine says

    Psychiatry is not medicine, it is quackery and it deserves to be stigmatized. It labels people with stigmatizing labels…

  19. Severely mentally ill people will change you as a person piece by piece. It is very demanding and half of the good-willed people will not be able to endure such persons without developing symptoms themselves. Ask some parents who have kids with severe mental issues how energetic and happy they are overall. Are people really ready to take such measurements? No they are not. People do not seek misery. They seek happiness. Just showing compassion might work between a doctor and a patient, but it gets very complicated and demanding when you have to live with "these" (i don't mean a negative connotation) people instead of just seeing them 2-4 hours a week. Best way of dealing with these topics is to raise awareness and fund preemptive measurements, but the be compassionate of some random folk will not suffice to anything. I am not stating one should not help one another or that mentally ill are worse people than anyone else, but you should not sugar cote severe mental illnesses. People need to know what they are up against if they decide to truly stand out and help a depressed, bipolar or Borderline personality type of person. It is a dark long journey filled with constant misery, but the tiny droplets of joy feel more rewarding and true than any other artificial happiness people try to find from the materialistic world.

    Its not easy to lift the stigma of mental disorders and my typing certainly won't help, but thats the reality. It takes work to make the world a better place, not some prayers and wishes. Besides people who would halfass their helping attempts might end up making more damage than help so stay out unless you are commited to helping the mentally disordered ones.

  20. No such thing as mental illness. minds dont get diseased. life's problems aren't illnesses.

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