How Can You Help Someone With A Mental Illness? | Kati Morton

How Can You Help Someone With A Mental Illness? | Kati Morton


  1. Phoebe Raymond says

    How do you help someone with extreme bpd who keeps trying to push you away

  2. Gregory Zamora says

    I called my e friend a bitch and I feel bad, he blocked me and rightfully so. trying to learn better for next time

  3. Gregory Zamora says

    Don't force them

  4. Gregory Zamora says

    Here after watching the joker

  5. Alan Foix says

    Because people don't care

  6. Lori Bothwell says

    Excellent video Kati!?

  7. kwsrchoudhury says

    My girlfriend deals with mental illness and I want to help her out

  8. Yes, you can but you must have patience and boundaries. The person being helped must also have an open mind.

  9. Aiman Jamil says

    How about if "she" wants something but we cannot really give to her.. I tried to give her what she wants as much as i can.. But there is a limit.. It would be unrealistic to give her everything right? So how and what can i help her?

  10. Verax the Vigilante says

    I guess she doesn't actually read these comments, so I doubt I'll get answer – but what am I supposed to do when a close friend seems to be bipolar with everything I've witnessed and experienced with her. You can't exactly ask them that.

    Also, another friend of mine has ADHD, and she thinks she has it. That's one of the first things she told me. Again, it affects the friendship. How do you exactly "suggest" to these people to do something about? With the ADHD friend, I guess if she ever mentions it again, I could casually slip in, "hey have you ever thought about maybe going for a diagnosis? I heard treatment can work wonders." But what am I supposed to say to my other friend that I truly believe is bipolar, or whatever the word may be technically for someone who is ice cold and distant for periods at a time, then will be happy go lucky texting out of the blue about something totally random "omg, the weather is so nice! I'm taking my dogs for a walk." Yet yesterday you barely responded to my text with a couple of words. And this cycle repeats over and over again.

  11. HEROANDO -22 says

    thanx you so much you help me with my assessment love you

  12. Maggy Fitzgerald says

    Where can I ask you questions? I don’t have Twitter/e-mail

  13. ?

  14. Master Lee says

    I need help plz.
    I live with 2 siblings aged 38 and 41 and and both diagnosed with schizophrenia F-20 whatever that means…
    2017 my oldest sibling jumped off a 30ft bridge with fast moving traffic below due to hearing voices and seeing imaginary things.
    The sibling survived with serious injuries and was sectioned for 7months under mental health act 3 then sent to rehab for a further 7months.
    Year 2018 my Father sadly passed away.
    January 2019 @2:am I woke up due to hearing banging sounds outside so I got out of bed, opened the window to look what is going on and my youngest sibling is kicking my next door neighbours door and shouting for her to come out, what sickens me is my neighbour is a single elderly lady with daughter whohas ongoing issues and daughter has 2 young lads probably about 5yrs old and my youngest sibling is a man BULLY so I tackled him and got the police, obviously am the one to blame why he ended up sectioned for 28days on meds.
    He as threatened to kill me when am asleep because the neighbour told him so.
    Both siblings threaten my Mom
    on a weekly basis
    They don't keep there rooms tidy.
    I sleep in the living room with 2 cats and 2 dogs on a Big dog bed and I put things behind the door so that if am asleep I will be alarmed if one of siblings come into living room.
    My youngest sibling as own bedroom and my oldest sibling as own bedroom and Mom as own bedroom but I live in living room.
    I did share bedroom with youngest sibling for 37yrs but the sibling talks and smokes cigarettes instead of going to sleep.
    4days ago my youngest sibling had headphones on and singing his head off @3:am and the next day he was in living room @2:am threatening me and threatening to harm the neighbour so I called the crisis team and when they asked the sibling if wants to kill anyone the siblings reply was no so it is a sick game the sibling is playing with my head.
    Next day @4:am I could hear both my oldest sibling and youngest sibling talking to eachother and was disturbed from sleep so had to remind them both that they have all day to talk and 4am is the wrong time to be talking loud, if want to talk go on a walk and talk.
    They really piss me off coz my mom is not well and been through loads recently and can do without stupid people but she don't want to put em in care coz she is scared of losing em both.
    I have gone to mental service for depression, anxiety in the past but the help was not there.
    I found it better for me to knock on a random persons door and say I need help so here I am

  15. Miah Grace says

    I have a friend who is suddenly acting nothing like themselves. We have been friends for a decade and now suddenly she is harming herself and it’s not just standard. She’s never been sexually active and doesn’t know how to even protect herself but she’s just finding strangers online and letting them do stuff to her and then coming to me in tears trying to figure out how to handle the repercussions.

    She doesn’t have a solid opinion on what she thinks or how she feels, really extremely. Jumping between “that was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” to “I want to see him again”

    I’m trying to get some information on psychologists in the area, but I’m just so heartbroken over this. And she’s successfully living a double life. I’m one of two people that knows what’s going on.

    I’m so scarred she’s going to turn up in a ditch and it will be my fault for not helping her somehow.

  16. David R. Stone says

    3- cheers for President ??Trump
    Americans Have Failed People With Mental Illness. Trump’s New Budget Will Change That.

    “President Trump is exceptionally focused on fighting for Americans who can’t fight for themselves and confronting problems other administrations, both Democratic and Republican, have ignored. This is particularly true for Americans who suffer from addiction and serious mental disorders,” White House Domestic Policy Council Director Joe Grogan writes.

    Nearly 50 million Americans experienced some form of mental illness in 2018. The President’s new budget, out today, proposes the boldest reforms in decades to help them. President Trump gets my conservative democrat vote again in 2020 ?

  17. Clinical Transcription says

    She cracked me up at ~0:55 “Hey how is recovery going?!?” ?. Such great advice however, something I constantly need to remind myself, to just be there for my wife and kids, and not always try to ‘solve’ problems.

  18. Casey Sedgwick says

    What happens if you see someone struggle with depression for so long and it’s almost like, a ‘waste’ to watch them struggle and suffer when they could get help and relief. It’s hard not to get frustrated that people don’t want or wouldn’t like to get help.
    I would feel very bad if for years, or a whole of a persons like, was just spent depressed and suffering.

  19. Mothering Downs Syndrome Helping others says

    Use of restraints

  20. Kassie Case says

    What about if you live with someone and you try to talk to them, be there for them, do things for them, etc. But they don't seem to want the help, even though its clear they need it? But all they do is mope around very negative, putting themselves down, & struggle to see the positive no matter what anyone says or does? Then apologizes via text & says "thank you, I just dont feel great nowadays. What you do doesnt go unnoticed, it's just hard to appreciate it in the moment." My friend is doing this and its somehow gotten me into a pit because I feel that my best efforts dont matter, putting me back into a spiral that I had gotten myself out of a while back. It's so draining & idk what to do.

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