Being your Own Life Coach | John Muldoon | TEDxShanghaiAmericanSchoolPuxi

Being your Own Life Coach | John Muldoon | TEDxShanghaiAmericanSchoolPuxi


  1. Filosofi Inkeri Kavanterä says

    Thankfully my father never listened to self help books. He was reading Russian and quoting Anna Karenina. He went to tend to his trees every day- alone. It took me until he passed away to understand why. That is why I offer Mentoring, not life coaching.

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  4. MinorThreat69 says

    Thanks dude, what a great ted talk ??, my ADHD usually prevents me from watching these from start to to finish, but your humour and straight up honesty had me captivated right till the end. What a life story you shared! I'm a dad myself now and quite often super angry about stuff. Gonna read up on thought patterns and self affirmation now. Cheers from down Under ??

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  6. Mister March says

    I'll never get those 29 minutes back

  7. Business and Life Mastery-ish says

    Inspiring words, love this vid, SUBSCRIBED!! Let's be YouTube friends?

  8. Melanie Fox-Smith says

    You owe your sister for that awakening moment

  9. What a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

  10. Julie Melillo says

    As a life coach, you don't need to trick yourself. One thing that helps is to shift your focus from "Me, my, myself, I" to the rest of the world. A lot of suffering comes from the self-focus. Look at how many times he uses these words. You can definitely coach yourself though, but you have to learn how. A lot is shifting away from the ego (what people think of you, writing narratives in your mind so you feel better), to asking questions like "What can I do about this?" And then taking small actions towards it.

  11. Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary says

    if you have a wife, child and a job does it work better?

  12. Descriptionovafool says

    Pyramid scheme

  13. Carlos MOnterrey says

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  14. Jason Godoy says



    this is the best video ever. It teaches how you can take control of your life, this is the kind of video that made me a life coach. watch my video here: @ if need an online coach at low price

  16. Dr. Lepora says

    Very awe inspiring and super practical. Thanks for sharing this video.

  17. Emiliano Escobedo says

    Fraud, fraud an pure fraud

  18. Mario Arace says


  19. Kia Orana says

    “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside; dreams. Who looks inside; awakes.”

  20. Thank you!!!! *tears

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