Why self improvement is ruining your life

Why self improvement is ruining your life


  1. Better Ideas says

    Take a shot every time I say "self improvement"

  2. activeragemod says

    I wanna get worse.


    Self improvement is only useful to people to actually have issues, disorganised or have made a lot of bad decisions with their work or relationships. If you’re young and don’t have a lot of going for but you are not a bad person or have done bad acts. Then don’t bother with self improvement. Just live your life without over analysing because that energy will lead to nothing. Get out of your comfort zone rather than planning in your head or being more extroverted or social. Because that shit never works and makes you overthink even more.

  4. Advait_R._Mtb. says

    i looked up "productivity bald guy"

  5. MHA Nihongo says

    Thanks, bold guy, you helped me

  6. Alex Jarrah says

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  7. So basic and simple but something I needed to hear.

  8. Shams Abdul Salam says

    I think you’re specifically talking about the self-improvement obsessed people. I learn theory less than four hours a day, sometimes I don’t. And whenever the timings are right i practice them in real life. Which makes me better and better.

    Theory without practice is not knowledge

  9. Michael t says

    hey man found your channel from a comment you made on a LAHWF video, and its scary how accurate your titles and videos you make pertain to my life, thanks man

  10. Expressey says

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  11. calvin mullen says

    Self improvement isn't just physical, it's spiritual, emotional and reflective. You have contradicted your theory by using Gates or musk as they self improve through ideas ect so forth. Becoming your higher self is what life should be about settling with have hating life, failed jobs and relationships so forth and so on. This video is counter productive.

  12. Juan Carlos Toledano Santos says

    Moral of the story: go out, live your life… and hack and slash everyone you see?

  13. "Self-improvement is mastur-bation"

  14. Ahsoka Tano says

    As a Christian

    God>self improvement and self-confidence because when you have God he improves you and you can put your confidence in him rather then put pride in yourself and then have it broken

  15. Nikita Dedyaev says

    Very useful video! Thank you!

  16. ??????? ??????????? says

    I always wanted to become better but I never knew why I wanted this. Thanks for making me to think in different way.

  17. Picturing Mind says

    I couldn't agree more. There is a kinda of "overdose" of self improvement, but I have to say that sometimes these suggestions are a start point for people that literally need to put in order their life. Again, as you have said, these make sense if you go out and live for real.

  18. Lima Bean says

    Knowledge is useless without action

  19. Thank you for this

  20. S. Mills says

    What are you listening to now?

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