Normani – Motivation (Official Video)

Normani - Motivation (Official Video)


  1. Jaime Mortensen says

    thank you

  2. Demetrius Terrell says

    Yes these are my channels i watch enjoy

  3. Jospeh Lutz says

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  4. Amour Meyo says

    I like

  5. por onde anda normani? um beijo pra normani!

  6. Adonis Watson says
  7. Adonis Watson says
  8. Adonis Watson says
  9. Gus Halsey says

    Normais sua maravilhosa… CADÊ UMA MÚSICA NOVA????

  10. Prentice Jz'Hnaye says

    Can RCA/Keep Cool let her go and stop holding her back?? And can Roc Nation or Parkwood sign her instead?? Like we're tired of her label. She's Normani, she has so much power and the fact that her label isn't using it is beyond disrespectful..

  11. what a great recommendation youtube

  12. Music Lover says

    she's still our motivation tho ??? and this song still has a fire not ready to die #queenNormani

  13. EatingWithCJ says

    Mannnnn this song had allll the elements ?

  14. Ella Haines says

    she is a goddess oh my-

  15. Niomar Santos says

    Is history her ??

  16. Cherrie Ricardo says

    The statuesque character mechanically reply because shears acromegaly educate an a roomy cheek. fuzzy , lazy activity

  17. Chris Jane Magtuba says

    OMG!She's so perfect!

  18. tibúrcio X2 says

    136m ?!? Congratulations Normani

  19. ?ts• Shåd?? says

    Alguien en español ? :<

  20. ForTheLOVEOfLemons says

    so much motivation

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