Mental Health Wellness Tips

Mental Health Wellness Tips


  1. Christopher Brown says

    I dont have friends

  2. Aayush Neupane says

    Who are you kidding this wonot help u a bit

  3. Timothy Williams Jr says

    Love the video, I used YouTube as my outlet to face my social anxiety!

  4. My first panic attack is all of my body was shaking I panic because it's hard to think of something.and then after that I'm having an anxiety and my 2nd panic attack is I can't move I feel my heart pumping fast and my body and head is so light my worry never gone I was thinking maybe I have seizure maybe I have mental problem and every night I feel worry and so tired and it's hard to concentrate on what I'll do and I'm also scared that my mind might be go absent I don't know what I'll do I don't have therapist or doctor to check if I'm ok also sometimes I feel cooling sensation in my chest sometimes my hand feel uncomfortable sometimes when I stuck my hand for a few minute it's tingling and also I'm scared I might get Alzheimer's when I'm in bad position my feet will get tingling and also benting my joints feels so good and idk what to pls what I'll do

  5. muskan shah says

    Hey you can try this pranayam for mental health

  6. Mental Health with Maira says

    Mental health is real ?

  7. BELIEVEyou Welbeing says

    Great video truly inspiring, I am a member of and in there I learn a lot about how to cope with all this pandemic, I am glad that is information like this to help people learn how to feel better thanks.

  8. Dr. Mitnaul - Child and Adult Psychiatrist says

    Great video! I recently did one on a similar theme. I love these graphics! – your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist

  9. Awakening Butterfly says


  10. Phil's Guide to Psy.D. says

    These animations are great!

  11. Vinay kumar says

    hello sir your video is really nice.. my wife is suffering from mental health issues and i am really very worried about it.. then i tried using planet ayurveda products for her and it really worked..

  12. Herbraj TV. says

    very nice…good…I m n sbr…long live….

  13. Rose Morris says

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  16. A2iiina__ says

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  17. Gharelu Nuskha says


  18. Nik Stories says

    Mental health is very important. Read more about this here –

  19. Khurram Shabbir says
  20. Richard idemudia says

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