How to Ask for Help

How to Ask for Help


  1. faiza gillani says

    Mu friend on TikTok said she was gonna kill her self so I send this is her ???

  2. Bones McCoy says

    FelixVictoria. All your problems can be solved if you open up.

  3. Count Dushku says

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  4. the axolotl cute says

    I don't want help because I feel I will never be treated the same

  5. the axolotl cute says

    I am 10 and dealing with suicide so this is very helpful thank u

  6. found it funny when it got to the physical condition part.. I've constantly been feeling ill since idk 8th grade (~8 years ago), kept mentioning it/asking for help, and nothing. I dont ask for help anymore as nothing happens. Trying to find other ways to get help that doesnt involve family, reason im on this video.

  7. Thanka u omg i thelpws so much

  8. JadeJewelYT says

    The only time i tried to open up about my problems
    my mom completely shut me down without even listening to what i had to say

    Now i'm too scared to ask for help because i think im overreacting even though i know im struggling

  9. Marcus Yastreb says

    Thank you so much im in school and we are waching these for health

  10. serenity elicaaa says

    im embarrassed and that someone will tell me im overreacting

  11. Someone Someone says

    Asking for help in the UK is largely useless.
    I went to my GP in June wanting assessment for a range of issues: nuero-diversity, gender/sensuality issues, and mood disorder. Since then I was given a couple of CBT sessions where it was agreed it was not relevant for me; referred to a gender specialist who said they had a 5 year waiting list and they wouldn't put me on it until I'd already had a few years of counselling first; was referred to a LGBT counselling service who said they weren't equipped to deal with my sexuality issues; referred to a voluntary counselling service who never got back to me; and had a mental health assessment over the phone and was told I'd been put on a waiting list which I might be on for over a year before having any help.
    Basically, the NHS just puts you on endless waiting lists and does nothing.

  12. Celebrity_rooster says

    You can ask for help, but you can't be emotionally dependent as it gets you nowhere. This is why everyone loves a megalomaniac.

  13. tomas kazonas says

    Veri useful video tank ju

  14. Drakanoid25 says

    The biggest thing preventing me from getting help is the fact that i'm broke and don't know if I could afford it, i don't even have insurance.

  15. Midnight BloodStream says

    Me when my friends are in an argument: Should I get involved with this? Probably not. Please don't include me in your argument. I don't wanna pick sides.

  16. Hetavi Shah says

    Thanks for this ?

  17. IForgetsAlot says


  18. Ava Chapman-Morris says


  19. Ava Chapman-Morris says


  20. Will Thomas says

    Did you help?
    – ask for help
    be more approachable peel 1

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