The Dark Side of Self Improvement | Suzanne Eder | TEDxWilmington

The Dark Side of Self Improvement | Suzanne Eder | TEDxWilmington


  1. Jason Ong Himself says

    We abandan our inner wisd
    when we look for outside things
    We r whole
    dont judge
    listen to self, trust
    love self and others
    Be present
    self worth vs lack
    grow do

  2. Yocum Balzac says

    I'm 38 earth years alive and I want give time to say I am sorry 4 my recent behaviors. Ty 4 being there 4 me. You. Us.

  3. To thine own self be true. Warts and all.



  5. Tech Lovers says

    It's not about following someone else path. It's about learning from others mistake.. which they made..

  6. The Brightest Rainbow Ever says

    This was truly powerful and got me emotional. So true the personal development junkies pray on people making them feel less than or there is smth to chase. Thank you.

  7. HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago says

    Unrelated topic but when you are an introvert but are doing public speaking well, you know you have achieved something great ?

  8. David Goggins is saying the same thing, differently.

  9. The Mental Health Trek says

    Beware of motivational bullcrappers. They entice you with big words to sell their content. Self help is a journey – not an overnight fix

  10. <3 this is the definition of confidence and self-love to me: trust yourself, listen to yourself, and know that you are enough

  11. Steve Archer says

    No surprise that a person who peddles gynocentric self-centered pablum is not married to anyone but herself. That so-called "great reset" can't come fast enough for some people apparently.

  12. raphael manalo says

    Great Video realize i realize whats wrong in me

  13. E. B. Kevin says

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. Self improvement helps you become the person you need to be to get what you desire.

  14. liamheckinreed says

    As a teenager I had very little confidence, wasn't good at anything, had few passions and was very socially inept, all factors which were amplified by my learning difficulties, so self improvement over the last 6 years has been something I've obsessed with. I found it really hard to love myself per se and be at peace with my insecurities but over time I learned to accept the things I wanted to change and channel my dissatisfaction into writing down how to change them. I undertook a lot of strategies from things I looked up online and stuff I figured out myself but the 2 things which have helped me the most over the recent years are meditation and planning my day/ writing to-do lists. I wrote down my ultimate goal, to keep a sense of direction and aim, but my to-do lists only included small steps I could take each day towards my goals. As a result I have grown beyond belief and am so much happier and more confident. Thats not to say I'm not going to continue with this lifestyle and take things to the next level?

    To sum up, taking it a day at a time is helpful for retuning yourself into the moment and allowing yourself a pat on the back.

  15. potato head says

    If you don't watch out, self-improvement will ruin your life and turn you into a resentful person. There is nothing wrong with the desire to develop your character and improve your life but no need to be so obsessive and perfectionistic about it. If all you do is reading books and articles, watching videos on youtube and listening to audiobooks to absorb as much knowledge about self-improvement as possible all the time… that's an obsession, that's an addiction, that's destructive. Don't think being a perfectionist is a positive thing. Don't think you're doing something right. After doing endless research and many hours of ruminating about your goals to avoid making mistakes, you find yourself completely paralyzed by fear of failure and anxiety, that you created yourself through unrealistic expectations. Maybe you finally decide to take some steps towards your goals and execute that "perfect plan" you've been obsessing about for so long, although not voluntarily. Probably a tragedy forced you to take action and stop waiting for "that perfect moment". After taking small steps you're disappointed when one failure hits you after the other on your journey to your destination. You feel so much regret about the wasted time & energy you have put in consuming self-help knowledge and thinking rather than doing when you see things aren't working out as you planned. You realize that in 1 month of taking action towards your goal you have learned more than the previous years you spent behind the screen "preparing". It gets worse. After gaining more and more real life experience through trial and error you finally reach your destination. But then you realize you don't actually enjoy being a business owner. You thought you wanted it, but you don't. You just wanted the success, but not a 80-hour work week. Not if you had to sacrifice time spent with family and friends. And so you were not only wrong about the journey but also wrong about the destination. You thought everything will be great if only you reached that destination, but you feel miserable. And no wonder, you followed someone else's path instead of creating your own.

  16. Just be happy.

  17. No disrespect. Straight to the comments to take note advice from expertise.

  18. Improving or not is relative and in competition with others, it’s a foolish paradigm. What matters is “are you living true to your own values?”

  19. The Fake Barry Bonz says

    this is only good to hear if you don't have the mental strength to realize that sometimes you really aren't good or that you are the bad guy and that's why you need to improve.

  20. I've never heard a good ted talk

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