Relationship Problems? This Marriage Advice Saved My Relationship & Will Change Your Life

Relationship Problems? This Marriage Advice Saved My Relationship & Will Change Your Life


  1. Marie Forleo says

    Need a relationship adjustment? Use these quick links to catch the highlights:

    7:58 — The 3-step dialogue process that’ll work magic in your relationship.
    17:39 — Why learning to talk about a problem actually solves the problem.
    25:14 — The simple (but not easy!) path to success in a relationship.
    28:25 — Where good relationships go wrong & how to get back on track.
    37:35 — How to create a “conscious partnership” — and why it matters.
    41:11 — The powerful mindset shift that’ll change your relationship overnight.
    43:25 — Why negative relationships are literally killing you, and how to stop it.

    What’s next? Watch this playlist to solve any relationship drama:

  2. Williams Jenkins says

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  3. Jessica Moore Ruhlin says

    Doesn’t account for relationships with narcissists. You can throw out all of the rules for those.

  4. Colon Adams says

    How I wish to have one as wife and live happily ?

  5. 21:42 was so cute and loving ? I hope my husband will do this with me.

  6. Merlin Sandra says

    God says.. "Love is kind and patient. It does not boast r dishonor r point others wrongdoings!" Every relationship Every relationship should add value, meaning n strength to one's life. It should deepen our insights, thoughts n attitudes towards positive, loving co-habituation n growth as a secured family,community, nation n global peace!!!!

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